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Kemp African safaris have again a one in a lifetime cull package available for 2024 This hunt will be in the Kalahari south Africa.

The Kalahari is home to one of the most diverse populations of wildlife. situated in South Africa’s malaria-free, North West Province, close to the Botswana border .It consists of Savannah/Bushveld vegetation with an annual rainfall of only 600mm per year .
It is where you wake to the first sounds of the wild in the chill of the early dawn. We stand with you, sharing that first cup of coffee and talking quietly, while in the distance the horizon warms at the place where the sun will first touch.
The Camelthorn acacia trees are a stunning feature of the area and combined with Kalahari sand

Hunt includes 100 animals and 10 days all-inclusive a minimum of 6 x hunters is needed on this safari Animals will be made up as follow, at the Ph Discretion will be hunted.
2:1 hunting
30 x Blesbuck f
30 x Blue Wildebeest f
10 x Zebra f
15 x Eland f
15 x Gemsbuck f

for only $7500 per hunter minimum of 6 hunters.

Pick up and drop off JHB airport.
All species available from the price list
additional days $325 per day
additional days observer $187 per day
Deposit of $1000 per hunter to book safari.

option to fly in is also available.

All Road transportation
Local beer and wine
daily laundry


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TRIGGER TIME! What an exceptional learning experience!
100 animals per hunter or 100 between six or more?
If it's a 100 per, I'm in!
Yes the 100 animals will be shared with the group. please look at the verity of animals in the package .
Dang... I'm down... if somebody buys one of my guns for sale... I'd have the cash to go!
I know that feeling. I like dogs, guns and maybe 3 people. :cool:
For Africa, yeah, maybe a half dozen I'd go with but admit there are probably many fellow members here I would really enjoy hunting with. Was fortunate to hunt with @Trogon whom I met through the website, for a couple days on my last trip. He took a springbok at 408 yards off the sticks with my rifle, one shot, DRT. Good shooting and more than a few laughs.
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Awesome offer. My problem is I only know 3 guys I would care to hunt with for that long. :)
You want me to send you an offer for 3 hunters?
10 days hunting and 15 Eland would certainly be a fun hunt....(y)
Good afternoon
I would like to offer myself for this adventure in case anyone needs a "partner" to complete the group.
I write from Spain, I am 50 years old and I have been to SA twice in 2016 in play game and in 2021 in dangerous game with a Buffalo.
I don't care about the dates since I have "flexibility". the rage of the holidays.
I would take my mauser M12 in 338wm
good day ,I have send you a pm for joining a group .
we have Spots open 17-28 August dates

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