Hybrid mechanicals - average vs. heavy arrows


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Apr 16, 2011
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Curiosity killed the cat.

So I've been looking at mechanicals, and as we all know they vary a lot. Probably more than standard heads. My draw to them isn't the usual better flight, honestly most heads shoot well in my opinion, it was greater wound channel. But it had to penetrate ebough for at least a double lung hit. So I settled on the hybrid types out in the past couple years. Looking over reviews I liked the Gravedigger chisel point. A four bladed head of a 1 inch fixed blade that was fairly bulletproof and expandable blades that cut a 1-3/4 inch width channel, wide but not excessive IMO. This evening I tested it out with three shots through my test target I've used for all my tests (I'm running out of uncut areas) with both 500.5 grain and 683 grain axis arrows.
500.5 grain average depth- 49.74 cm
683 grain average depth- 51.17 cm
No blades broken or even bent.
They penetrated decently and held up well. The heavier arrows did penetrate better, but not by much. They did penetrate less than all fixed bladed heads I tested, but they still broke through both sides of the target, which in my view shows they'd work very well on light to average sized plains game like impala, springbok and warthog. They will be coming along for springbok on the license.

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