Hunting Gear List for Bow Hunters

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Oct 1, 2007
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Hunting Gear List for Bow Hunters

Hunting Gear
- Bow, I recommend bringing two well-tuned hunting bows if feasible
- Travel bow case unless you transport it in your bags
- Soft case, to protect your bow in the hunting vehicle or on charter flights
- Bow carrier or sling
- Arrows
- Broadheads
- Points (practice tips, bird, fish)
- Quiver
- Arrow bonnet to protect arrow from getting damaged while hunting and conceal bright fletching
- Release (and spare release)
- Glove
- Armguard
- Face mask or paint
- Small set of tools, for tuning or repairing your bow
- Sharpening tool
- Arrow fletching jig
- Wax
- Lubricant
- Glue
- Pocket knife or Leatherman tool
- Binoculars
- Binoculars strap or suspender support system (the latter will make wearing them more comfortable and secure with no swinging or bouncing)
- Spotting scope
- Range finder
- GPS (Global Positioning System)
- Small bag or back pack for taking personal items on hunt (waterproof may be recommended for some hunts)
- Knee pads for crawling
- Gloves for crawling

Archery Supplies
Most places where you go on safari will have no archery supplies within a reasonable distance. For this reason you should be able to keep your bow performing perfectly on your own. Here are some parts to consider.
- Tools
- Portable bow press
- Strings (complete with a peep, nocking point and loop, and it should be shot enough shots on the bow so that it has settled)
- Cable(s)
- Harnesses
- Peep sight
- Arrow rest
- Sight
- Stabilizer
- Limb Dampeners
- Silencers
- Shafts
- Vanes
- Nocks
- Weight tubes
- Targets

Travel Accessories
- Flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries and bulb
- Camera, lenses, flash and film, if not digital. If your camera is digital you might consider bringing a second memory stick, charger and/or batteries.
- Video camera, tapes or memory card/stick, charger and/or batteries. Ask your PH to take pictures with his own camera too, it's great back up
- Lens cleaning kit
- Ziploc bags, a great way to protect valuable equipment, like your binoculars or camera, from dust sand and water. Make sure that the bags are big enough to fit over your items while in their original cases to offer added protection. Ziplock bags are generally very useful and versatile, I never travel without them.
- Electric converter(s). Ask your outfitter as they may have a different current and/or outlet than the country standard at the lodge or camp. Check your newer electronics as many computers, cell phones, cameras, etc. will accept a wider range of electrical input, such as 100V through 240V and require only a plug adapter instead of a converter. These items may adapt automatically of have a switch to change voltage.
- Plug adapter(s)

Don't forget also to ask a recommended equipment list from your hunting outfitter.
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Just a tip bye a over size lockable bow case and pack all in the case most airlines will let u take 20kg of sporting goods free . when u hand your case over to the dangerous and firearms people make sure u see the tags place on them and don't let them say they will do it out back as on my 2rd trip to Africa my bow stayed in Perth for a few day of my hunt till they sent it over
Thank you for this list. It will be a great help while I plan my hunt. I noticed one item missing on your list: Fletching jig. You mention arrow shafts and vanes, but no jig. Unless you meant to use the heat shrink fletching, which is a good option in emergencies.
I always carry extra screw hooks with me incase you want to hang your bow and/or accessories. You might want to climb a tree if you are on an animal crossing that seems active etc...

The new Crow’s Foot single screw-in unit seems to be a good choice.
Thank you for this list. It will be a great help while I plan my hunt. I noticed one item missing on your list: Fletching jig. You mention arrow shafts and vanes, but no jig. Unless you meant to use the heat shrink fletching, which is a good option in emergencies.
Lrntolive, The list that I provide is a base to work with, your recommendation is much appreciated and anyone can add to it...
I didn't mean to put the list down. It is very helpful as I would never have considered half the items on the list. Your site is a great help for planning my hunt. Again, thank you.
Lrntolive, I know that and you did not put it down, to the contrary, any addition made to the list and any tips is most welcome. Glad to know that AH made your planning easier.
Great List Jerome
What about any special clothing for us bowhunters? Something quiet? Scent control? I've been told a durable boot/shoe with a soft sole. Any particular colors? Olive drab, light brown?

Thanks much,

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