How to Measure the Drop @ Comb?

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Oct 22, 2019
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"One a DSB, or SSB Bolt" .. is this your Horizontal Line (The Bridge) where you then measure your Drop?

Thank you!
I just lay the firearm down on a flat surface. Matters not the type of firearm for the measurement. Lay a long straightedge along the bore line, more correctly the center of the sight line, so it extends over the comb. Measure from the sight line straight edge down to the comb. If the comb is angled then measure to the central point of contact between your cheek and comb when gun is mounted for shooting.

Usually open/iron sighted firearms and shotguns have a little more drop at comb so eye lines up naturally with sights when gun is mounted. Usually scope mounted guns have a little less drop at comb so eye lines up naturally with scope reticle when gun is mounted.
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Don’t honestly know on magazine rifles, but this isn’t how I do it on double guns. Excluding the bead or front sight, the height from the top rib reconciled against the DAC and DAH. Typically this is 1-5/8 and 2-1/8” respectively for standard, much deviation having occurred.

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