Headed to Tajikistan Dec 18 Any last minute tips?

I'm off to turkey in the new year for this guys cousin. Mid asian is likely the next hunt I book, granted I get lucky. Great looking skin in the winter, I like how they often seem to grow some colour into the winter hides more than the common brown. Lifesize???
Head was boiled and clean, and the skin was salted and “hard” as any other capes I’ve received from international hunts.
0 issues checking it as luggage, going through customs and just make sure you make an appointment for Fish and Game to come and “inspect” your trophy and paperwork. In SF the f&g rep literally has no idea what he was supposed to do. He asked me if I had the correct forms and what he was supposed to do, I told him I did (and showed them all to him, with a blank stare) and he said “ j think I’m supposed to take this in?” And I told him I was informed I was clear to take it home after inspection and he said OK and I walked out to my car with my trophy back in the bag.
If you are hunting Argali the rules might be slightly different due to the CITES status of the sheep. Your hunt broker or host should be more than up to date on US requirements for importation of your trophies after shelling out that much dough. Obviously, I would suggest you listen to their guidance or hire a trophy import specialist to help you with the process. To bring my Ibex home it simply cost me the extra piece of luggage (which Turkish absolutely took advantage of me on.)

Hoguer, tnx for the info. I am South African and won’t be traveling through the US, but will get the required info, locally.
This is quite interesting. I have just booked myself a hunt in Kyrgystan for Nov 2020 for Ibex and Argali, and would like find out more about this.

Didn’t know one could do that. Do the airlines and customs allow wet skins ? Thought they need to dried and processed..... which they were obviously not after a 10 day hunt?

I would definitely want to do the same, but I assume there will be a bit of red tape!

Please do share, how, what and where
They need to be salted and dried. How dry is always the question. The outfitter or booking agent should be able to help on this. Take a large extra duffel for packing home the trophies. Have a great trip. I love Kyrgyzstan!
Nice Ibex there.

I returned from Kyrgyzstan Nov. 12th with a great Ibex. Other hunt had Argali and Ibex. Once inspected at Customs and USFW you can take the trophy but, it needs to stay in the orange bag and sent to a USDA facility, be it a taxidermist or tannery and prepped. Wildlife Gallery usually does mine and clients trophies.

You will have plenty of time for the skins to dry enough. 10 days is plenty. Being from Africa your regulations are probably different then the US. If you need a import permit apply way in advance or you may have to leave the Argali in Kyrgyzstan.

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