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My boys definitely parked this JD 5220 in the wrong spot, 4.29” of rain in an hour and a half. This is one of our sod harvesters. She crawled out with no trouble the next day.

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My boys definitely parked this JD 5220 in the wrong spot, 4.29” of rain in an hour and a half. This is one of our sod harvesters. She crawled out with no trouble the next day.
My grandfather told stories about farming the lake bottom in Western MN during the Dust Bowl years. They got a steam tractor stuck near the end of the day and decided to leave it until the following morning. Well you guessed it! It started raining that night and by morning all they could see was the smoke stack. It's still there today;)
I spent a fair amount of time in a 1056 (?). It was great for chopping silage, but that was where I first discovered sound attenuators. I can STILL hear that whining bastard.
they make it near me (for the 10% inclusion to gas.) I believe it doesn't possess the lubricative properties of heavier petro fuels and you'd burn so much more of it. (why chainsaws die prematurely if using ethanol fuels.) Now, if we used a higher % of typ american fast food grease mixed into fuels-that'd work! lol I've read about some guys getting filters clogged by pieces of french fries, etc. LOL 10% ethanol, 10% McDs waste, 80% American-made gas of diesel-I'm IN! The e-tractors crap out after a few hours. lol
Biodiesel is another way to go.
You can get all the gear you need to make it from French fry oils and other oils for about 2,500 dollars and your set.
There's a bloke in the Northern Territory that's been doing it for years. Runs diesel generators, tractors, 4x4s and his quad bike on it. He hasn't spent a cent on diesel for over 10 years.
With the chemicals needed for the process he says it works out to about 40 cents a litre of diesel as opposed to the current price where he lives of $2.40/ litre.
Farm stock is my favorite class. I like to see them as they come out of the field.
Four wheel drives are whole different kind of fun. We had a New Holland TJ 450 for while, that thing was a beast. Dad had a 900 Versatile with a 903 Cummins when I was a little kid, then a Massey 4880 with the 903 again.
I missed the last week of the sixth grade because I was field cultivating with the 835 Versatile.
@Wyatt Smith
Those 903 Cummins bird scarers are noisy as shit. We used to run them in interstate trucks back in the 80s. Stock at 290hp but the VT903 was at 350 hp.
You get the old bird scared screaming at 2,800rpm change down at 2,200rpm. With the right diffs and a 15 speed double overdrive box they were good for 90mph.
You crazy Americans used them in tanks for a while opened up to over 1,000hp but the motor only lasted about 12 hours. One company in Australia opended one up to 700hp in thier truck. Hollywood batshit that thing flew, 120mph.
I hate being a mechanic, but if you want it done, sometimes, (a lot of the time for me!) you have to do it yourself. Now if you want real fun, and frequent, repair jobs you work on a combine.
@Wyatt Smith
Or an airseeder with fertiliser .
Bets break, air hoses come off, the PTO shits itself or a ny one of a number of things or combinations of shit.
Oh how I mis that shit , NOT.
'Sadly, i recently sold a pile of tractors (and the old '58 Massey is also for sale w/ a land mgmt/foodplotting pkg-mower/plow/seeder/roller,) simply to free up space and make my life (maintenance/batteries/lugging 5 gal pails of oil/lube/hyd fluid all over the place!) LOL We took care of 'em and they are still taking care of us! I only wish I had kept my uncle's tractors from the 70s-80s (he offered me the biggest dairy farm, but I had to say no as I had just become an engineer-i wanted to make $ sans all the expense. What I lost out on was the amazing workplace and lack of BS in corporate culture. I got away from that when I started my own business. Be the Employer, NOT the Employee! ;) I'm known in my family for 2 things: Getting up very early (only WHEN a weapon is placed in my hands) and 2 loving nothing other than sitting on a tractor all day long...:p true. Many of you may know that due to the costs of modern technology, the value of old mechanical tractors has skyrocketed. Because we took care of 'em, they were sold for 3x the original price min (Realizing that the present value of the orig cost is even higher.) It's a seller's market now, thanks to big tractor co mentalities today...."You really don't own the just pay for the privilege"...with constant software updates, no ability to repair without all the fancy equipment, etc. I believe JD had to back down on that recently and allow others to license tools to fix... I have had NO better reliability than tractors made ~1960-1980. 'Not much to go wrong if you change the fluids/filters and keep up w/ the charging system/tires. A clutch or brakes Might go in the span of 2-5 decades depending upon what you're using it for ($500.) Do not buy a fully hydraulically driven tractor (most small ones today) and you will have no issues...Per my constitution, not $1 of the sale proceeds has been spent...rather, it's to buy a newer cab 4wd tractor (w/ heat/ac/stereo) with no further out-of-pocket expense. The rest will go to safaris and eventual grandkids... :)
I was my own boss once. I was the biggest bastard I ever worked for.
I wouldn't give myself a pay rise and when I call up sick the phone was always engaged.
Ended up sacking myself and going back to being an employee. Less hassle, and heartache.
First photo I've seen on this thread with an animal hanging from a tractor that's been skinned. Good choice. Leave the skin on too long and it'll taint the meat.
I've left the skin on sambar for 5 days no problems at all. It was minus 6C overnight and a max of 7 celcieus during the day.
You never see a man in my family wrap his thumb around the wheel of anything.
@Wyatt Smith
I've even taught my son not to wrap his thumb around the steering wheel especially when 4 wheel driving. He did it once and understood why very quickly.

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