For Sale Ruger RSM .375 H&H & Sako Forester .338


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Dec 24, 2023
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Hi-line Montana
Located in Montana. NOT crossposted anywhere else yet. I will ship USPS priority insured and it will ship from an FFL. I am open to all payment types after discussion via PM or phone call however you prefer.

I can and will send more detailed pictures to serious buyers upon request, these are just to show the item and outline the largest "flaws".

Trades: Mauser M18 Savannah .270 winchester or Sauer 100 .270 with threaded barrel. Cash on my end for Sabatti Double Rifle or .404 Jeffery. Basically shoot me an offer, I'll consider most stuff if it's classically designed.

Prices: Add $50 for east of Mississippi.
Ruger Safari magnum .375 H&H $2350 shipped and insured to lower 48.
Sako .338 Magnum $1250 shipped and insured to lower 48.

First up is the Ruger Safari Magnum. Gorgeous wood, it's a pussycat to shoot. Its in nice shape, most of it's wear is from safe dings. As shown in pictures 2 and 3, it must be light finish loss from whatever the previous owner hung it on. They are surface only, no texture. Several stock impressions from dings,etc. outlined in the next two pictures. It is chambered in .375 H&H.


Second is a Sako Forester Carbine .338 Winchester magnum. It's been carried and used with light stock impressions and even wear. I'd put the metal at 70% The wood is not noticable wear except one spot it looks like it had been scraped across something, outlined in the last photo. It has had a rear sight added to the barrel which is part of why I bought it. The factory sights are installed in the rear scope groove on the receiver, which means you either have a scope, or iron sights. This setup allows scope mounting while having backup irons. It comes with a set of rings. It is a super light and handy handling rifle, I just have too many .338's at the moment with other things on my mind.



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Screaming deal on the Ruger! That is one of the nicest stocks I have seen on a RSM! Should sell before nightfall!
Heck of a deal on that Ruger. Can't imagine that being around long.
Sako is a great deal as well. GLWS..............FWB
Forgot and too late to edit post:

I’ll take it posted here in the thread trumps all as far as claiming rifles. Thanks all!
One of my top trade items would be a nice 7x57 in rigby style. Barrel band or under barrel sling mount, iron sights, qd bases or at least drill and tapped receiver to allow scope use, but can still see the iron sights when scope is removed.

6.5x55 swede also a possible candidate as well.
A leading economic indicator of the economy being in the crapper is nice guns not selling for a good price. The economy is officially in the crapper. These should have been long gone.
I was going to post the same thought about other rifles offered at bargain prices that haven’t sold.
It is a bear market in guns now.

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