First Safari Animal List

That is pretty much the going price for nyala this year and a great price on the red lechwe.

Bob I think if you go over with that plan of showing me anything that is good is one think going over with a list of dream animals and not sure if your going back I would say stick with your list. With that being said we all know you go back one day. LOL
I'm glad to hear that I was right about that being a good price for a Lechwe! Helps with my decision.
just last year or a few years before that you would have paid 3500 just for the lechwe now your taking nyala and lechwe for the same money. Sounds like a great deal to me and a very good deal with the it being an add on to an auction hunt.
If I may ask what does he want for the kudu. with those prices you should be 800 to 1000 for a cape kudu
Kudu 1500, wildebeest 800, gemsbok bull 900, Impala 400
Blesbuck and springbuck are basically free with what we paid in the auction.
That is high for cape kudu but he may have greater on his place. That could also be why he wanted to know if you wanted a kudu for sure. He may have big cape kudu and takes a small number off his place.
As far as I know it's just Cape Kudu but based on what I've seen, the quality is high. Considering the deal we got with the auction, I'm basically paying 6,300$ in trophy fees for springbok, blesbok, Kudu, Lechwe, Nyala, Gemsbok or Wildebeest, and Impala.
That is a great deal and should be a great hunt with that list.I would just say maybe see about a bushbuck if your in the cape and he has them. It is a great hunt and super animal to take.
I'm going on my first safari in august. It's great timing right now for those of us that can make it. From what I'm seeing on here from the other guys, some of the animals we are able to get this year have been second or third trip animals for most. I'm hoping to get kudu, nyala, waterbuck, black wildebeest, impala and if I can get the funds, a bushbuck
The bushbuck definitely interests me. He doesn't have it on his place but can hunt them on a neighboring property. Just don't know what I would want to remove from the list to add a bushbuck haha. I like that they have a reputation for being a little testy. Adds some excitement to the hunt.
Should be a fun hunt!
@ltsheets I leave for my first safari in a few weeks. I too will be hunting the EC and bought a package. I like your list, it is similar to mine with the exception of zebra(wife wants a rug, i must oblige) and bushbuck. I have also conveyed to my PH that should a giant step out of any species, we should discuss the matter immediately! Enjoy the planning!
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........... Just don't know what I would want to remove from the list to add a bushbuck haha. .....

I'd throw the Blesbok off the bus in a heart beat to hunt the Bushbuck. Just my preference.
The blesbuck is one that was included in the package. If I get there and have he option to credit that value towards a bushbuck, I might.
Always such good advice on this site, it makes planning so much easier.
You got a great deal for that hunt for those animals @ltsheets
Pick 2 primary species then take what Africa gives you:) Enjoy the ride and Embrace the experience!

I'd follow that advice, delete a couple animals, and look for a zebra as well. Nothing, to my mind, says "Africa" like a zebra flatskin on the floor.
Something to think about for you zebra guys that are really trying to appease the wife etc- unless you are REALLY hung up on shooting one, it's way cheaper to buy a zebra skin already tanned over there. I too wanted a zebra rug but didn't care about actually hunting one. At the time I was there, zebra costs $1,000 to shoot. Then you have the added costs of dip and pack, at least some shipping and tanning. In the US, tanning will run you $400-$500 (wholesale cost of the taxidermist, likely higher by time taxi takes a cut). Want a backed rug made? Add another $500-$800. That same zebra rug I brought home on the plane cost me $1,100 to buy one over there and floor ready. Shoot one over there and that might run you $2,200-$2,500.
Just a thought
Hello! Here is what I did on my 1st safari.
I went in with a rough idea of 5-6 animals and a rough budget but nothing too set in stone. I know I did want a Gemsbuck, a Warthog & a Wildebeest.
When I got to SA my PH, Diekie Muller, gave me the best advice (in his wonderful Afrikaner's accent): "Ernie, if the metal is hot, bend it"! Meaning - you may have an idea of what you want, but be flexible and if a nice trophy presents itself, take it.
I ended up with a stunning gemsbuck, zebra, wildebeest and impala, and unexpectedly took a bleesbuck & and beautiful Kudu.
I was VERY satisfied. Can't wait to go back & work on the next set. I'd be open minded too @ taxidermy. I confess I hadn't thought too much about it beforehand. One friend, who has been twice suggested European skull mounts. Well, the 1st animal I shot ran 10 yards into a tree & hit it so hard he broke his snout! Had to amend that plan! Also, going to the taxidermist ( I am having my animals processed in SA) was overwhelming... Walking thru the showroom with so many options... Fortunately, they were very patient & we settled everything via email in @ 2 months time.
Overall - I had a GREAT time, was very thankful to my PH for his advice and definitely am planning on going back in 2017 or 2018. Feel free to reach out to me if you wan to pick my brain some more!
Ernie Shipman
Hey guys,

So after a lot of thinking and research, I'm getting very close to a final list for my safari next year. Here it is...

Blesbuck (included)
Springbuck (included)
Red Lechwe
Wildebeest or Gemsbok

I originally wanted to take an Eland rather than a Lechwe but after seeing the cost of the taxidermy on an Eland, I'm going to save that for a future trip when I might be able to take the larger variety rather than the cape one. I also already have a 36" cow gemsbok from NM so I'd be leaning towards a Wildebeest. The reason Gemsbok is on there is that I couldn't pass up a 40" bull gemsbok if one showed up. What do you guys think? I'm open to suggestions but have to decide on at least the trophy species (Kudu, Nyala, Lechwe) sooner rather than later.
For what it's worth I'd say you've gotten some good advice here. I can also tell you based on my first safari experience is that once you start seeing these animals alive in the field your list of priorities will probably change.

I had over three years to think long and hard about my priorities and I set them on being a Sable and Nyala and if possible nice Kudu.

I was fortunate in taking all three and quite a few more including a really nice Black Wildebeest and Blue as well. They are much more impressive animals, or were to me, live than they ever appeared on TV or in still photos.

The Bushbuck has become a very high priority for my next trip after seeing them both in the bush and on the wall. They are just a spectacular animal, sort of a miniaturized Nyala.

One thing I know for sure is that the more flexible you are on species the more you are going to enjoy your hunt and there will be far less pressure on yourself. Try to save a few extra dollars if you can between now and then and that will help with being able to be flexible.

It sounds as though you have quite a deal and wish you very well on the trip.

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