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Jan 4, 2022
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So I had been passively planning a Hungary and Romania hunt for my first foray in Europe. Had specific interests which did not include boar. My cousin is now staying in southern Spain and I happen to go down a youtube rabbit hole that introduced me to Spanish driven boar hunts. Looks like boar hunting is year round, though I don’t know if there is a “driven season”. I pride myself in my shot placement and enjoy freehand/ moving rifle shots, though I seldom get such shot opportunities. After watching a few drives on the youtube, the idea of a driven hunt is growing on me.

Now I am wondering do you get to keep your trophies on a driven hunt? Do they somehow tag or identify each shooters animals? Anyone have any recommendations or outfitters to share? I’m just now learning about this and might be able to throw a last-minute spring trip together.
It’s called a Monteria in Spain. The outfitter I hunted with organizes them November through February. I don’t think there would be any interest in the months that weren’t cool temperatures and would also be very difficult to handle the meat properly as well. It all went to commercial sale. Each Monteria has an individual quota of stags, hinds, boars depending on the property some are all boars or all deer. The price is dependent on the quality and quota. I took a lower cost Monteria for 4 medium stags, 4 hinds, unlimited boars if seen (I got 2). All 24 shooters got their quota over the two days. All animals were tagged with your name and taxidermist was present at mine. I enjoyed it, but I probably wouldn’t book one again. I think stalking is a better experience, but you get a lot more trophies for your money with the driven hunt. The monteria I participated in was organized very well and the shooting positions well thought out for safety. I would be cautious who you book with though. I could easily see it becoming unsafe with 15-30 shooters. Many good Monterias will likely already be full but there will always be a spot or two open on some as dates get closer.
Can I ask too, for budgeting purposes, what is the tipping situation like? In Spain they have "secretarios", beaters, others? Do these folks tend to get a daily tip?
Can I ask too, for budgeting purposes, what is the tipping situation like? In Spain they have "secretarios", beaters, others? Do these folks tend to get a daily tip?
I think the 2 days were 60 euro per hunter if I remember correctly. That was December 2019.
driven hunts in my country is usually organized in fall and winter.
Saws will have young in spring, so no driven hunts then.

Not sure for Spain.
Depends on regions, usually from October to February, @375Fox is right on the details.

Not fond of montería myself, much prefer stalking hunts.

The key is finding a honest organica (outfitter)

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