Desirable Powders For 300 Grain Swift A-frames, For .375 H&H Magnum?

Well I'm not inclined to do that. But I started at 73.5gr which is roughly the midpoint between max/min per my manual. I worked up from there, and particularly slowly when I reached maximum and kept going. Your rifle is not my rifle and as such, your maximum load may be different. So for both of our sakes, you need to go through the same process.

As always, particularly when approaching/exceeding max loads, you need to be paying attention to bolt lift and the expended brass after firing looking for high pressure signs.
Excellent advice! Thank you will do
The only powder I have ever used in my 375 H&H is RL15 because when I worked up a load with it I got such an accurate load without any pressure signs etc. that I did not even look to anything else.
Sounds like H4350 is a great one too from all the posts.
I have used H4350, RL15, H380, and N150.
IMR4350 did this for me

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Only load I’ve shot is 70.0 grains of RL15, Federal 215 primer and 300 grain bullet. In my rifle the A frame, TSX and Bearclaw all shoot lights out and group together. It’s a great buffalo load.
Other Powder that I have great results with is N540 as I cannot get hold of any Norma 203B I load a grain less than 203B seems it runs a bit faster.
The best powder I have used in my 2 375H&H is AR2209, this sells in the US as H4350. However my advice is beg, borrow or buy several different powders and see which your rifle likes best. I did have a CZ550 and now have a Rem 700 in 375H&H. AR2209 worked best for me in both rifles.
I'm preparing for loading the referenced bullet for my new rifle. I have ordered the Swift manual but it's on backorder. Suggestions for powder for optimal loads with your own reloading efforts are greatly appreciated. I realize this is a poor time for reloading in general but found a new place to check into this weekend. So I can certainly use some pointers what to be on the watch for. Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.
Reload from a disc shows H4350 gives good velocity 2,600fps with a max load of 77gn of H4350 with a pressure of 50,000 cup.
This is a MAX LOAD
So the usual caveats apply.

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