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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by njc110381, Apr 12, 2019.

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    I just thought I'd post this up to double check my findings, I've been at my CZ550 Magnum trigger to tidy up the creep and would appreciate your feedback. I should start by saying I'm no gunsmith. I have a good understanding of firearms and the way they work and have adjusted a lot of triggers in the past, but I disagree with the settings stated by CZ. That's where my issue comes in!

    They say that to work out the creep you should with the action cocked screw in the rear grub screw until it fires, then back out 1/2 turn. Well I've done that and it's still sloppy. So I set about getting it how I like it (more on that later). I also adjusted the weight whilst I was in there and now have it breaking at a clean 2.5lbs, and I've removed the set function as it's no longer required. Creep is minimal but I can sense some movement of the sear and with the stock removed I can clearly see it moving a little before firing. If I pull the trigger to about 2lbs and then let go, the sear slides back to engage more again as it should.

    I've put the rifle back together and dry fired it a number of times. I've also done the usual safety checks - slammed the bolt closed, repeatedly flicked the safety on and off whilst playing about with the trigger, palm slapped the stock side to side and up and down and also given the butt a good whack to simulate it being dropped, every combination of the above repeatedly - no problems at all. The trouble is this has been achieved with just short of 1/4 turn of sear engagement.

    Are the CZ USA instructions a little in line with the American "where there's blame there's a claim" culture? Like the factory 5lb trigger pull?! I obviously don't want the rifle to be unsafe but their instructions seem to be too far on the cautious side. I've adjusted CZ triggers whilst talking on the phone with a professional gunsmith in the past and I'm sure he didn't tell me to back off as far as CZ do. It seems very excessive?

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