Considering to travel with your hunting rifles in 2019

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    Dear International Hunter,
    SAPS520 Application Form made easy

    We will gladly assist you with your SAPS520 Application. Be sure to download your form today. See more

    If you are travelling with hunting rifles to South Africa or through South Africa during 2019 get in contact with us ASAP! As every travelling hunter would like to travel and hunt with his/her own firearms, we will gladly assist you to make this dream come true!

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: South African Airways recently changed their rules and regulations regarding the transportation of firearms and ammunition, please go to the following link: and go to the “Firearms and Ammunition” tab.

    VERY IMPORTANT: If you have domestic flights in South Africa please ensure that the airlines you are using can carry firearms. Only South African Airways, SA Airlink and SA Express can carry rifles domestically in SA... Read more


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