Buffalo Hunting in Australia

Great pictures of old warriors!
Hi Paul,

Great Trophy buff , what double rifle & the caliber has it been taken ???

Monish, the ancient bull was taken with a Blaser double in .470.

The other bull featured in the article was also taken with a .470, though that double was a Kreighoff.

The .470 is a very popular cartridge amongst our clients, that appears frequently in our camp and probably only second in popularity to the .416.

It is a very effective cartridge, especially so when deployed in the very close quarters we take our shots at, though it remains a constant that true one shot kills are a very rare occurance.

Even this very, very old bull, nothing more than skin, bones and horns took a perfectly placed 500gn Woodleigh fair to the middle of the shoulder bone at no more than 15 paces, dropped to the shot then got up immediately and attempted to run off.
It was the second barrel, at about 20 paces, that ruined his day !
Great photos Paul. If I can ever stop travelling overseas I really should start hunting BG at home eh !
Thanks Enysse & Code4 for the positive comments on my pics.

Over the last couple of years, i've tried to make a concerted effort to improve the quality of pictures I take, as well as increasing my visual record of various aspects of our region and the animals.

I'm fortunate and privaliged to be able to work in the Arnhemland wilderness region, pictures enable me to share these sights and experiences.

Code4, as they say, the grass is always greener. Human nature being what it is generally covets what it doesn't have. I totally understand your allure to hunting overseas, we all have it, me included, but yes you do have some wonderful big game hunting experiences available "at your door step".

Whenever your ready to tackle the big bulls of the North, prime up that big bore of yours and feel free to give me a yell.
Thank-you Jerome.

From time to time I will add to this thread with stories of various hunt experiences and other related info on hunting buffalo in Australia.

I have attached three images of the ancient bull featured in this article, taken by Peter.

The first two images were taken of the bull quite some time before Peter decided he would like to try and take him as his Trophy.

The bull was eventually taken some distance from where we original photographed him from.

In the images you can see the general emaciated and poor body condition. body weight was a good 1/3 lower than normal. Teeth were mere yellow stubs on the gum line.




Paul, What an exceptional trophy! Nice to see also pictures of the bull standing... Again, I enjoyed the story tremendously. Thanks for sharing those moments with us.
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Jerome, much appreciate the positive feed-back.

This particular bull did not "score" well on recognised scoring systems, if your in to scores, but with a specific request for an aged bull, from this particular hunter, it could not have possibly "scored" much more.

The vastness of our hunting area means that we are occasionally privaledged to witness bulls like this, bulls that may be only one or two Wet Seasons away from perishing naturally, from age.

It's great to, on occasion, get hunters who specifically want to target animals that display extreme age rather than high scores.

What my account of this hunt does not detail was the physical output these two hunters paid in achieving these two bulls. Countless miles of foot-walking into remote areas, day after day.

In the particular case of this specific hunt it was extremely satisfying to be able to succeed in providing the results requested from both hunters, a very enjoyable and rewarding hunt for all concerned.

Glad you enjoyed the "before" and after "pics".
Here's some live footage showing the terrain and the animals in some real hunting situations, no "set-ups".

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Wow, what a great promo video...way to go PaulT!
Enjoyed the video tremendously, thanks Paul.
Thank-you both Enysse and Jerome for your very kind assesments.

Despite the obvious technical shortcomings of the footage, and its "production", the aim was to provide a visual insight into the country we are hunting and the animals we pursue.

I hope I have managed to convey those apsects of our hunting adequately - and in time with added resources, and experience gained from this first attempt, I intend to improve on the quality of this promo with another release.

Thanks again for the positive feed-back.
Paul, I have enjoyed this thread very much. Excellent info complete with great stories, pics and video. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this.
Myself along with 4 others will be chasing big bulls on Conway in exactly one yr from now with a dear friend of mine, George Stewart. We're all taking doubles raging from the 450/400 3.25 all the way up to the beheamoth 600NE. This hunt is all about getting up close and personal with the bulls!
Never hunted Aussie bulls before. I am really looking forward to it. This thread fans those flames every single time I flip over here!

Thanks again!
Scotty, p.m sent.

It's great getting feed-back like this, much appreciated.

The next best thing than hunting buff, it's time spent with others that like to hunt buff !!

You and your buddies are in for a great time.

Just don't expect those buff to fall over with every gunshot, (except perhaps from the .600).

Up and close is what it is all about. i guess our average for rifle shots is somewhere between 35 - 65 yds, sometimes a lot less than that.
You'll find your doubles ideal weapons for that kind of work.

I hope our Aussie bulls give you a good "work-out".

Keep us posted with the hunt, we'll be looking for some flashy poloriods !


Hey Paul,
Good stuff on this thread friend. I tried to send you a reply to your last PM but its saying you've got to erase some messages to make room.

Hey Jake, thanks for your positive comments re the thread.

Stay tuned as I up-date it from time to time with more pics and info.

Sorry about the mailbox being full, have cleared it out now.
If you have issues in the future e-mail me direct at; ssahuntinfo@optusnet.com.au

Hope you got my message about that Chapuis .470 for sale.


do you have your booth number for Dallas?

So that i can look you up.

I will be at the show on Thursday and Friday.
G'day James.

Yes, I'll be in booth number 2904; African Gray Ghost Safaris, L.D. Keith who is my U.S agent.

Looks like Jake, from above will also be dropping by and I encourage you and any others to also call in and say G'day.

I'll be in Dallas a few days before the show to have a bit of a relaxed look around before the show starts and to spend a day down at Cabelas to spend some money that I don't have !!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Caught me peeking in here again, Paul!

I am getting really excited about my upcoming Aussie buff hunt in June. It'll be here before I know it. Am REALLY looking forward to it.
Hey Scotty, knock yourself out that's what it's there for.

I'm glad your pumped up for your trip, the anticipation is half the fun.

I'm now going to add some pics to the thread, somthing I'v neglected to do for a while.

In addition to the awesome hunting Arnhemland provides for some unique and interesting scenery and wildlife.

Pics to follow.
A small selection of pics of some of the scenery, birdlife and wildlife commonly seen during hunts in Arnhemland.



















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