Best watch in the 1000$ range?

Citizen would be my first pick followed by Seiko. Or if you want something a little different, take a look at Orient.
I wish they’d make the bambino with Arabic numerals again.
Always happy to enable haha! You should post pictures and a review when you get it
Forgot to mention screw bracelet too rather than pins. It really seems to poopoo the Seiko with mineral crystal, whatever the bezel material is, plus click bezel rather than friction, milled clasp that's adjustable, crown etc
All the watch threads have given me the urge to treat myself to a quality watch as an added bonus I think I can make an argument for writing one off as a navigational aid for marine use. It worked for quality binoculars and a really nice compass anyway so it’s worth a shot.

So that being said what would you gentleman recommend in the 1000-2000$ price range. Must be waterproof, mechanical winding , durable enough to stand up to use on the a commercial fishing boat. Repairable when I eventually break it and understated.
gold watches are right up there with pearl revolver grips hundred spoke rims in my opinion.
recommend an apple product
buy a used omega seamaster
Lots of good options out there on eBay with an Authenticity Guarantee to help insulate the buyer from a potential scam. The only caveat would be that even the used market is more than 2x the requirement for this thread.
Really like the Laco options mentioned here, mostly because I was considering one of these a few years ago. Beautiful watch with a quality movement at a reasonable price.
@Wishfulthinker580 the Phoibos Wave Master came early. Very impressed with it for the price point. The quick adjust isn't as slick as Rolex's glidelock and only has 4 positions but it's certainly better than nothing. The 4 positions are about equal to one link and I fall right on the border of a link but it seems to be wearing nice so far. Today is day 3 with it and it seems to run about +9s/day. Seems pretty well constructed and weighs in at 164 grams with 5 links removed, I have bathed with it but have not taken it to depth to test the water resistance. I much prefer the case shape, height, and bracelet to the SSK, plus all of the other features. The lume seems pretty good and the bezel has nice firm clicks. Crystal is very clear. Date is a little off center to the left I think this is because the datewheel was originally for 3oclock position not 6, but I can live with this and it doesn't really bother me. Date window is the only flaw i can spot so far.

Here's a few pics, sorry I took them in a hurry. All similar price ranged watches Vostok Komandirskie ($130), Phoibos WM ($299), Seiko SSK ($350). I won't insert them to save space but you can click if you're interested.

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CasiOak! Something to tide me over until I’ve saved up for a mechanical watch that is more robust and rugged than my Longines for every day and work wear.

Nothing wrong with the CasiOak!

World time, dual time zones, analog hands, bulletproof!!

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