Best watch in the 1000$ range?

All above are good.

Luminox has some from $500-$5000

Rescoe instruments, veteran owned

My money would go on a good Swiss made watch used but from a reputable dealer
I doubt they would survive the abusive environment I’d expose them too.
The Garmin survives me and I know you don't know me but that's a testament to its durability
There is a lot to be said about picking up a used watch from a reputable dealer. There are a few of them online that have filters you can apply to narrow down what you are looking for. I've put links below to the ones I would trust.

As for particular watches that would meet your criteria, there are so many it's too long of a list. There have been some excellent suggestions made by others but without knowing and talking to you personally, it's difficult to make an accurate decision.

If I were pressed the top used watches I'd suggest...
Omega Seamaster 300
Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300 or 500
Seiko Grand Seiko

Lastly, I would suggest a G-Shock like @Tanks mentioned earlier. He went with the Mudman, which I've had two of and are very good watches. My current G-Shock is a Rangeman and I love it. These are also models that are solar atomic so there is no battery to change and the time is as accurate as your mobile phone. I know there are models that also have tide information to help with your maritime activities. Like this one that sell on Amazon for around $100.
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I enjoy mechanical watches. I have a few I get the appeal. They are an aesthetic choice over function. Some work incredibly well and are fairly accurate. No mechanical watch is more accurate than a $12 quartz watch. And no mechanical watch is going to be more impact-resistant than an electronic watch. My mechanical watches are functional pieces of art and I appreciate them and have no need or desire for a digital watch, but make no mistake, it has been many years since performance or durability were the reason to choose a mechanical watch.

A G-shock or other dive-rated electronic watch is going to outlast a mechanical watch in your environment. You are in a rough environment. That watch is going to take a lot of impacts and an electronic watch is going to hold up to it better than a mechanical watch. All those waves aren’t much of a challenge to waterproofing compared to a dive; a lot of watches mechanical or electronic could handle the salt water. But the amount of impacts a watch will take on that boat is going to be a lot more than any mechanical watch should reasonably expect to endure. There are just too many (relatively) heavy moving parts in a mechanical watch. A potted chip can handle impact a lot better than even the most rugged mechanical mechanism.
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There is a lot to be said about picking up a used watch from a reputable dealer. There are a few of them online that have filters you can apply to narrow down what you are looking for. I've put links below to the ones I would trust.
To be honest I think the best way and the only way I buy now is used at eBay! If the watch is over $2,000 eBay holds the money in trust and makes the sellper send it to them to be authenticated, if it’s under $2,000 the buyer still has the option of the authentication process for a small fee…
When you get the watch it comes with the full authentication that proves the watch is as advertised and gives your insurance company added guarantee!
Also eBay routinely runs coupons that will take off of the sellers price! Right now they are running a 10% off of any watch over $500!
So for that mint Tag Aquaracer I posted for the OP they were asking $1050 but also had “Make an Offer” meaning he could get it less! I bet the OP could get that watch for $950 and then take 10% off for a final price of $855!!! That is a killer price for a very nice watch! That is a NO BRAINER for someone looking for a nice Automatic Watch in the $1000 range! I doubt there is a better tool watch out there for that…
Anyone have any experience with Delma watches? I like the looks of the oceanmaster has a tide clock and analog clock face.
I've been eyeballing Longines Spirit Zulu but have to save for my trips this year with the wife and then me to Africa. Been wanting a low profile GMT with a rotating bezel. Lots of strong points with the only down side I see without owning one myself is no quick adjust clasp like glidelock or Tfit. I've got a Seiko SSK but the case/bezel shape and thickness kind of annoy me, plus not a sapphire crystal and the stamped clasp, but for a truly budget GMT it's the best. Well now I'm rambling, yeah I've got watch problems. I saw Christopher Ward mentioned as well, tough to go wrong there, waiting until their moon glows hit and it's on my list.
I’ve been wearing a Tag Aquaracer since 2012. It has been a great watch. I only take it off for sleeping. I have been surprised by how durable it is.

I think you should burn some time looking for a watch face design you like and narrow it from there. The Swiss brands in that price range will all be quite good.

Be warned that buying a watch in that price range will likely be a very, very long lasting purchase. This is a good thing, so choose something you line the function of and that you enjoy the appearance of.
Unimatic fits your criteria. Zodiac is also in that price range. Buy what sings to you.
All the positive endorsements for the Tag Heuer Aquaracers is surprising. I blew through two Aquaracer 200 Professional series somewhere around 2010. If you’re looking for a rugged watch built for work I would recommend against the Tag. I don’t know what kind of Maritime work you’re into but it sure didn’t hold up to the abuse I put it through. Tag stood by the first repair/replacement. The second time all the hands broke free of the stem and they would not repair it. It’s still sitting in a drawer reminding me to buy Garmin’s and Casios.
Find a Seiko SKX007

They are solid autowinders and probably won't get you hand chopped off with a machete in Africa.
Years ago when I was getting a lot of bottom time in the Navy I wore Casio G shocks. I remember how when they were gaining popularity in my tribe. That we considered them to be expensive :LOL: for someone on a government salary.

I left my issued Tudor at home.

Has anyone seen what a 1983 G shock sells for lately

Shinola Watches out of Detroit......
The dream watch for me years ago was a Seiko Tuna. But they were too big for my wrist. I envied my buddy’s that had them. They called them Tuna Cans.

Seiko Marine Master 1000meter can be found near $1000.

Best Buy is a Seiko Tuna 300meter

Or Baby Tuna

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