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Does the lockable ammo case have to be made out of metal I have a pelican case that will work if not.
There is a picture somewhere here of a green Shrek lunchbox with a lock on it if memory serves new correctly. LOL
I have a pelican camera case, but have used the cheap plastic black pistol cases tha sell for 5to 10 dollars with a padlock secured. No problem...holds four boxes, of 30 06 . Plastic ammo well also. But for 25.00 the pelican camera case from Amazon is the best.
I have a pelican case I use for my Plama sights that will work good . I had heard that it had to be metal I'm glad it doesn't
My only suggestion would be to have a ammo box that has a handle on it.

On my safari this last May I flew into Port Elizabeth with no problems with my ammo in my checked luggage. But on the return trip SAA wanted for the ammo box to be checked separately from my checked luggage and to go with my firearm case. Well, the box that I had didn't have a exterior handle to wrap the luggage tags around but I managed. Next trip I'll use a different box that does have a exposed handle just to make things easier.
What JimP said. Plus you don't want the split handle like some pistol cases because you may have to open it after the baggage tag is on. I like the plastic 45ACP cases (I think). Cheap, lockable, nice handle on top, water and dust proof. I always end up taking it with in the backi and leave the pistol case in the room. Mine has made 2 trips over and back part way in checked luggage and part way on it's own.
But remember that Delta is only good to Johannesburg, so if you are taking a connecting flight you will have to deal with their regulations as far as what you have ammo in. I know that Delta could care less as long as the ammo is inside your checked luggage in a box and not just loose. Even if the ammo is just in the cardboard box that it comes in from the store is fine for Delta. But if you have a connecting flight on a different airline then that is where you will need a separate container for the ammo besides its factory or aftermarket box.
Port E airport is a pita about ammo. They are different than every other airport in SA.
Port E airport is a pita about ammo. They are different than every other airport in SA.

Now you tell me.......

It wasn't bad but you just needed to be aware of what was going on with SAA. Another airline may of been different.
Air France is the real pita! Different rules each flight.. actually same rules, different interpretation... no use of SOP's, even if they have em. So be prepared.

Depending upon the caliber and volume of ammo, you may want a light weight box as well. They are going to weigh it and they will weigh it box and all. You might be able to argue that but then you will be 7n line dumping your ammo out.

A sturdy, lockable, light weight box with a separate handle is the way to go. No need to spend more than about $10.
The pelican cases is what we used. I had my reloads(actually new brass) in the plastic flip-top cases and one factory cardboard case with my reload label on it. This was so I could take the max allowed with us. The only thing was when we flew in SA we had to take the ammo box out of the checked luggage and it went as a separate piece of luggage--AT NO extra costs. No big deal. At all 3 stops on SA(including Capetown and Port Elizabeth) the ammo was barely looked at and the boxes it was packed in were not even opened.

Could be different for someone else but that was the way it went for us.

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