90 days and counting, last minute advice?

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We're down to 90 days and counting down. Last minute tips, advice, paperwork, etc. from those that have been there, done that? Heading to Namibia with Roy Van De Merwe at Otjandeau Safaris. Flying from Houston to Doha, then into Windhoek flying Qatar Airways. Taking archery gear only, we are NOT taking a rifle/firearm. Already have our plane tickets, trip insurance, passports, hotel lined up in Doha for our layovers. Am I missing any paperwork required before I leave the states? I am after a Mt. Zebra and that requires a CITES (sp?) permit. Do I do that before or after the hunt? It will be my daughter and I, 12 days in country. Spending money? Have money exchanged there, here? Tips? Gifts for staff? Open to advice, suggestions, etc.
And my apologies for missing the dinner in Dallas this past January. Emily had a soccer tournament and we had to cancel the trip a few days out.
Have you got your letter of invitation from the outfitter and filled it out? On the plane to Windhoek you should be offered a form to fill out for entry into the country. If you don't get offered it, ask for one. Failure to do so will mean filling it out in the arrival lounge and then you'll be at the back of the entry line.
I’ll ask him now, thanks.
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CITES APPENDIX II requires an export permit from the country of Export. Nothing from your side.
The best advice is enjoy yourself and take loads of pictures for your hunt report! Good luck on your adventure.
Hi Bushwaker. I'm also headed to Namibia in June and will fly on Qatar Airways for the first time. I leave on June 8 and will fly DFW to DOH to WDH. I hope that everything I've read about QA is true. TWG made the arrangements. I went with a travel agent experienced in traveling with firearms. I like to use my own ordinance! I'll hunt with Immenhof Hunting Safaris at their ranch and conservancy located in the Omaruru area. This is my second trip to hunt at Immenhof....they are top drawer! I'll let you and the members know how it goes once I get back. Happy trails to you and your daughter. I know that you'll have a great time in Namibia.
Make sure you have pin for your credit card and that they know you are going to Namibia then just get cash at an ATM in airport before the drive to camp. Actually it’s best to have two credit cards, different kinds.
I’ll be looking forward to these reports.
Thanks, all good pointers. 61 days and counting
Didn’t see it mentioned, you have a clearing agent for your trophies here in the States?
Up on your shots? DPT, anything else required for countries of entry? Medical/evacuation insurance through Ripcord, Travelguard, Global Rescue or other? Prescriptions, shot record, health issues recorded (drug allergies). Wear expensive jewelry, watches or carry high dollar camera equipment? 4457 customs form would be advisable. Copies of letter of invitation, passport, other must have documents, all stashed in carry-on. U.S. embassy phone #.
For communications, I use a OneSim sim card and purchase minutes for talk, text and data for the country I'm going to.
If your venue has wi-fi, you can use that for phone calls.
Have a great hunt!
The best thing is to have fun and remember it is AFRICA! That means do not expect instant results on anything. Do not worry. If you have a good outfitter it will all be good but often not as quick as you expect here in the USA.
Roy, our PH with Otjandaue, sent me some trail cam pics today. #1 animal on my hit list is a Hartmann zebra, supposedly an animal tough to get with a bow as they prefer to come to water after dark. These pictures are encouraging for me. #1 for my daughter Emily is a Kudu. She's not after the new world record. I added the red dots as a point of reference for us to get in the mindset of where to aim. She may use a rifle on the hunt. And while I wouldn't recommend some of these shots, remember I'm just wanting her to always be thinking of the area to aim for. No different than when she goes to the zoo, she is always telling her friends where to aim. Drives the other momma's mad every time.
59 days and counting down!

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