8 Bore Jones Under Lever Project With Extras


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Jul 26, 2013
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A few years back I was having Colin Stolzer build this rifle for me. It was the year that we lost my dad and I helped my family with funeral costs so this project came to a halt. Colin was a gentleman about the change of plan and he offered to sell the work that had been completed or send what was done to me. I chose to have him send it to me and it has been in storage in my shop since. I did check with him about sending it back to have it completed and he is working full time as an engraver and not taking one gunsmithing projects. I have lost interest in the project so this is an opportunity for someone to jump on

All the metal fabrication is complete and rifle needs stocked, the sights regulated to a load you develop, bluing of the metal parts and final finish work. It comes with all the additional parts to finish, a english walnut stock blanks, 20 rounds of RMC brass, a round ball mold and a barrel stub that is chambered to be used as a resizing die.

$4000 delivered to you

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I would have to check
So very awesome, would love to have that, I started a Double 8 Bore 11yrs ago & that stalled after the Gunsmith went back to normal work & now I'm stuck with not enough skill to finish or even start properly .

Yours is a beauty, what is the weight, can it be fired & has it been proofed ?

Much cheaper & easier to use 8 Ga industrial cases from Remington or Winchester, I use them in my 8 Bore shotgun to !

Good luck on the sale & wish I was closer .
@Sarg I used to have a 8 bore shotgun and the industrial cases work great, you just have to swage the raised belt on the case down with your resizer.

This will make someone a great rifle.

I am guessing by the places you have hunted that you are in New Zealand or Australia?
I bet it will, looks very nice work so far, yes right now I'm stuck in NZ but would be in Africa if not for this dam Virus !!
Need to get this to someone that will enjoy it. so price Drop to $3400

Partial of full trades will be considered-Rifles 22 Hornet to 505 Gibbs? or something interesting?
One last price drop $2800
Well done bud, I wish the world wasn't so hard to get firearms & parts around now days, the bad guys still move theirs around Ok, that's if the Governments don't do it for them !!

Hope to see it finished & some game shot with it on here some day please ?
Hey Sarg. I’ll give you three guesses who AZDAVE’s trade partner is. :A Banana:

And I will definitely update you on progress and hunting with the beast.
Haha lol, I should have guessed, what fun you are going to have, when you get them going bring them over to shoot a Buff or three, use the single & Ill back up with the Double lol !

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