5 Steps To A Successful Hunt


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5 Steps To A Successful Hunt

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Paperwork Presentation
The first step to a successful hunt is always going to be information. Trophy shippers will need you to fill out some forms that enable us to act on your behalf such as a Power of Attorney. After you’ve filled out and signed the forms, we will need to know the animals you’re planning to hunt, the location, and time when your excursion is scheduled, and we have an easy contact formwhere you can fill in the blanks! A copy of your itinerary with guide details, flight information, location specifics, and duration listed should suffice.

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Outfitter And Taxidermist Information
Trophy Shippers works as a team with your outfitter and taxidermist all throughout the process taking the stress off the hunter. We’ll coordinate the documentation and planning with your professionals well in advance and make sure all parties are up to date on providing you the finest service for the duration of the hunt.

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We think this is the most important step you can take. You’ve reached out to Trophy Shippers to have an experienced and knowledgeable advocate in your corner and we’re here to do just that. We want you to live in the moment and have the hunt of a lifetime knowing that Trophy Shippers has everything covered. This time should be spent hunting and making memories, not worrying or checking in with us. We know what needs to be done; all you need to do is hunt.

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International Shipments and Customs Clearance
We can handle the export and transportation to bring your animal back to the United States. Trophy Shippers is on hand to manage the customs clearances and any necessary inspections. We’ve built strong relationships with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the USDA, CDC and US Customs and Border Protection and are expertts at the regulations and processes necessary to ensure a smooth trophy import.

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Domestic Delivery
From the airport / seaport to your taxidermist and from your taxidermist to your door, Trophy Shippers can handle the movement of your mount between any points to ensure its kept in pristine condition. Shippers can’t waste time with pickups and deliveries when it comes to a hunting trophy and we understand the urgency. Let Trophy Shippers keep your skins moving so they’re preserved perfectly from one point of the journey to the next.




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