300 Win Mag options?

I have a Hawkeye African in .300wm. I picked it up relatively cheap, guessing because it’s not one of the “classic” African calibers. I just swapped my MeoPro 3-9x40 over in Alaska Arms QD rings. I’ve got a 180gr load dialed in, and need some more R19 to load some 168gr TTSXs.
Ridgewalker is giving very good advise.
If I may add. Know the anatomy of the animals. Hunting in the plains will be ok as you will see the complete animal most of the time. Hunting in the bush, you might only see parts of the animal through the bush. It is not always going to be a square on shot. Be prepared by knowing how to get to the vitals from quartering away to full frontal.
Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 , or 1 of the new control round feed models . Those would be my choices in a .300 Winchester magnum calibre.
I’ve just been to South Africa and shot with a 7mm rm, they tell me .300 wm is easier to source there .
I am looking at a Tikka .300wm as I have other Tikka.
I used the outfitters Sako for 6 hunting days and can appreciate the difference opposed to my Tikkas but they cost abound a thousand bucks more.
I did just look at a Sako A7 for a good price but it’s got a lot of plastic too like a Tikka
Nothing wrong with a Tikka but I haven’t fired a .300wm in Tikka just the Ruger I once had soon to be replaced by another .300wm , likely a Tikka
You don't NEED a 300 Win Mag; you NEED to talk to your PH and see what he recommends and thinks.

Sad truth is in most of the Plains Game hunting , your standard "deer rifle" will be darn near perfect - despite what marketing and advertisers (and anonymous internet uses) tell us: 30 caliber (or 7mm/8mm) and a 3X9 reliable scope are perfect.
It will always come down to something that you can shoot accurately.
Secondly I say premium projectiles if you have a suitable rifle, Its the bullet that makes contact and does the deed. If its a $2 projectile in your favorite .308, 270, or whatever a $50 box of Projectiles and its sorted.

Have you considered hiring from the outfitter? i hired a Sako with good glass and ammo cheap achieving all one shot kills with an unknown rifle. Id like to take credit but the rifle was spot on helping the my efforts.That was a 7mm RM Others are more expensive on hire but transfers may cost $100 and upward before you get in the country.

I also would like to have had my rifle on the hunt but it all worked out fine and i got to use a suppressor

@PBrick take note of @greyfox comment, My desire to have another .300wm is just because its a chambering ive had before and want again. Its common/standard , its big'ish it shoots flat and It can be a great plains game rifle but i collect guns not trophies so I have a different perspective too.

I took a Blue Wildebeeste with a 7mmRM

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