375 h&h

  1. 2

    Wanted Ruger 375 H&H No 1

    Looking for a new in the box or very close to as new you can get Ruger 375 H&H No. 1. Would like it to be stock from the factory, blued walnut and with nice stock. Older the better. Thanks for the help. 275
  2. 2

    Wanted Stock Ruger RSM 375 H&H

    I am new here and need some help. 1. Can someone please explain in detail what is the same and what is different between the Ruger RSM generations 1, 2 and 3. 2. Please explain the 3 serial number prefixes and the start and stop dates of the prefixes. NOTE: Here is a link to Ruger on the RSM...
  3. shardin2

    Vortex or Leupold for 375 H&H

    Greetings, I'm going back and forth for what kind of 9x40 riflescope to put on my CZ 550 American Safari rife in 375 H&H. My two choices are Vortex and Leupold. Now for the Vortex I'm considering Viper HS 2.5-10x44, but the Leupold VX Freedom models. I know they both offer lifetime warranties...
  4. shardin2

    See Through or Detachable Scope Rings for 375 H&H

    Greetings, I recently purchase a CZ 550 American Safari rife in 375 H&H, I want to use a setup that uses a scope, but also the sights. Going back and forth with See Thru scope rings and Detachable Scope Rings. I like to put a 9x40 riflescope on it. Any recommendations which would be a better...
  5. JT3777

    375 Sako Kodiak

    Just picked up a Kodiak in 375 H&H. For those that have one and load for it, what have you found to be the best for the shorter 21 inch barrel? I have a bunch of 285 gr grand slam bullets I planned on loading, just wanted to see what y’all have done. TIA
  6. C

    270 grain Barnes LRX (375 H&H) for Buffalo??

    Hey Guys, Has anyone used the Barnes 270 grain LRX on Buffalo? For a person bringing one rifle to Africa the 375 H&H seems right. The 270 LRX provides a very flat trajectory that should be great for plains game, but also a TKO index of 40. My assumption is that this would work well for an all...
  7. S

    Sako High Power Mauser Sporting Rifle in .375 H&H

    Looking for some more expert advice as to the worth of a gun I came into. Picked up this Sako .375 H&H with a Mauser action recently because I thought it was too good a deal to pass up on. I didn't really know much about the gun (and still don't), but I'd like some more information before I...
  8. neckdeep

    For Sale Custom CZ 550 375 H&H AHR Action

    I purchased this to build a AHR custom because of the American Hunting Rifle stamp on the receiver, imported by AHR, pre-Wayne, pre CZ-USA most likely. Much to nice to take apart, would make a great project or just shoot it like it is. 25" barrel, nice piece of wood, receiver and bottom metal...
  9. A

    Heym, Rigby or Mauser?

    Does anyone have any experience with either the HEYM Martini Express, the Rigby Big Game, or the Mauser m98 Magnum? Considering a rifle in .375HH, curious at to whether there are any standout differences between the three. Any input appreciated.
  10. neckdeep

    For Sale Montana Rifle Company Model 1999 V2 375 H&H

    I have a like new Montana with a NECG Masterpiece Fully Adj Rear Sight, Masterpiece Banded Ramp Front Sight with Partridge Sight Insert, Talley Bases and Talley Quick Detach 1" Rings, put a Scope on and your ready to go, gun is very accurate and pleasant to shoot. I bought this from original...
  11. Buckleyguy12

    Left handed 375 H&H

    Hello All, I am planning a return trip to Africa this year and want to make the step up from my 338 Win Mag to a 375 HH Mag. The kicker is, I'm a lefty ... I've found some CZ's and one Mod 70, but the price tag on the mod 70 is above my 'rifle only' budget Does anyone here have any...
  12. Ryan Furman

    For Sale Winchester 70 375

    This is 1 of 4 of "The Nearly Perfect Rifle Battery" of which only 100 sets were made. I am not sure that means anything to anyone as it means little too me. I bought this with an incorrect assumption it had a forward recoil lug and would rather get rid of this and purchase a rifle with the...
  13. D

    Custom Cooper .375 H&H For Sale (Never Fired)

    Hey guys, I've got a brand new Cooper Custom Classic Model 52 in a .375 H&H. The rifle has never been fired, is new in the box with all papers, and features case colored metal, checkered bolt knob, inlaid sling swivels, extra case colored magazine and case colored Talley rings. The invoice...
  14. cagkt3

    375 H&H Ammo - 220 Rounds

    Assortment of 375 H&H ammo I came across. Asking $425 (+shipping), but please feel free to make an offer! 5 boxes Federal 270 gr Soft Points 5 boxes Hornady 300 gr DGX 1 box Federal Premium 300 gr Nosler Partitions
  15. JDM

    Hello from San Diego, CA

    Hello everyone, I found this website during my frantic search for more info on all things Safari after a good friend introduced me to Peter H. Capstick by sending me "Death in the Long Grass", which I consumed within a few days. Suffice it to say I have been losing lots of sleep catching up...
  16. denislesya

    Comparison Parenyk bullet of 12 c with bullets 375 H&H; 416 Rigby on hunting African 4

    Ladies and Gentlmen ! Dear hunters ! It is open theme to discuss of Parenyk bullet of 12 caliber, in comparison with bullets of calibers 375 H&H; 416 Rigby, in relation to hunting of the African four.