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    Here's a pic from some buffalo I just snapped in the Hwange Robbins Camp - to Deka Camp area 2 weeks ago, Shaun Keeney has most all of the permits for this area, his 30,000 acre concession is just down the road where you'll find some nice blue Livingstons, duiker, waterbuck, 50" kudu and some huge klipspringer rams.

    I haver a good video of the herd at the office, will upload later today...

    I observed a herd of at least 1000 head in Big Tom, numbers were well into the thousands between there and the Salts as the lions had them herded up. I was looking the the oddest, baddest, beat-up Dagga Boy character in town, not necessarily size, but saw hard bossed males in the 42-44" range with nice drop and sweep. Spread is great but just remember you will be sacrificing drop for spread on most animals.

    I arranged my hunt with Jacques Senekal at Africa Maximum Safaris. My advice would be to ask for Walla Albertse as your PH (with Jacques) for the best experience there.

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