Which Trophy do you dream about taking on your African Hunting Safari

Which Trophy do you dream about taking on your African Hunting Safari

  • Buffalo

  • Blue Wildebeest

  • Kudu

  • Impala

  • Gemsbok

  • Zebra

  • Warthog

  • Nyala

  • Tiny 10 animals.... duiker, steenbuck, suni, klipspringer,blue diker.....

  • Springbuck

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Before I went for the first time it was kudu and blue wildebeest. The wildebeest was completely do able but the kudu seemed like a fantasy. I ended up taking both.

Now it's 1) cape buffalo and 2) sable.

Part of me misses taking a kudu and blue wildebeest. I could always take them again but I'm looking to expand on my list.
Interesting that the poll is missing all the DG other than buffalo.

Poll for something like this is a flawed approach. You would need over 200 options I imagine to account for everything.
If money was no object it would always be a leopard. But dreams of huge Warthogs is what gets my motor running while Waiting to go on my
Of money were no object, I'd spend the whole season in Africa and need to build my own museum for the mounts! Waiting on my first also...after I get my knees and back fixed!
Interesting that the poll is missing all the DG other than buffalo.

Good point. Once you hunt an elephant honestly your life has been changed.
On my first trip over red lechwe and kudu were my dream animals.

On any future trips kudu, bushbuck and waterbuck would always be on the list.

My if I hit the lottery animals would be leopard behind hounds, buffalo and sable.
I’d add leopard with hounds to my list as well
Done three hunts but should like to get an Eland.
Was about 5 gram from shooting one last time hut my PH
shanged his mind a split sec before i pulled the trigger!
Than a bushpig,caracal and some of the tiny ten.
If money were no problem: Lion,Leopard and Elephant.
Lord Derby Eland and free range lion are 2 animals that I hope to hunt someday. Got some other hunts to do and some saving to do before I can make that happen. Gotta have goals though.
Forrest Elephant!


Here’s a whopper for you @Hunting Hitman. Recently taken in Cameroon I’m told.
When we realized our Africa trip would be a reality, there was no hesitation for Kudu being on the top of the list. I had always thought they were the most beautiful of all the plains game. When I asked the wife if there was something she wanted me to get, she didnt hesitate to tell me "I want a zebra rug".
Okay! That turned out to be the most challenging and worthwhile animal on our list, and I was very glad for her input.
I really only have two more species I wish we would have an opportunity to go for...Gemsbuck and blue wildebeest. Our house and means dont allow for more.
I think a lesser kudu would be my top species. The species that still get me really excited are eland, bushbucks, and warthogs. A few key species definitely plays a role in picking my hunts, but seeing a new area is what really motivates me more than the species.
There are so so many animals to choose. It's all about my budget when I get to Africa!.

Whether first timer or experienced Africa hunter, one must always, always!, plan for the unexpected!, when it comes to Africa!!, whether on on a hunting or non hunting photo safari.

It's Africa!!.

Not Planning for the unexpected is irresponsible!! Simply because the unexpected is the norm!!.

This/That is why we like going to/being in Africa!!.

Isn't It??.

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