Which Trophy do you dream about taking on your African Hunting Safari

Which Trophy do you dream about taking on your African Hunting Safari

  • Buffalo

  • Blue Wildebeest

  • Kudu

  • Impala

  • Gemsbok

  • Zebra

  • Warthog

  • Nyala

  • Tiny 10 animals.... duiker, steenbuck, suni, klipspringer,blue diker.....

  • Springbuck

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If we are dreaming, it has to be something that is out of my financial reach so it would the Lord Derby eland followed by a bongo.
Scott, before you wake up from your dream....don't forget the mountain nyala..
I see some really good replies here, ill do a big 5 poll as well and then after stats we will put the top animals against each other so keep voting and get your friends to vote as well.
If we are dreaming, it has to be something that is out of my financial reach so it would the Lord Derby eland followed by a bongo.
I call those my lottery dream hunts. Without a doubt if we're talking about dream hunts they would be on the top of my list. Along with savannah buffalo and sitatunga
Looking forward to the big five survey. But for me the kudu is tops of this list. I still remember passing on a very large one when the concession owner said there was one bigger on the property. I could not imagine that there was something larger so it was hard not to pull the trigger. 30 minutes later another was in the cross hairs. He was indeed bigger! Then he was on the ground. What a monster of an animal and my favorite trophy.
I do want a Bushbuck some day and......nyala, eland, springbuck,.......and the list could grow. Heck I would love to go stay a month and get one of everything even if I already have it!
There should have been an "Other" option. My choice is lion (male) and buff (this time done right). Heading back next year. But you know what they say. It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. :A Shades::A Whistle::A Yell:(I'm digging these Smilies! :ROFLMAO:)
Buffs are a lot of fun!
My dream animal for my first safari was Nyala. Second safari was Vaal Rhebok. My dream animal keeps evolving with each successive trip and I hope it always does. Bushpig and tiny 10s are in the crosshairs at the moment, not to mention Hyenas. :)
Not on the list but Serval is at the top for me.
Of the animals in the survey, Buff and Kudu :)
@IdaRam , I had a Spanish client that called the serval a unicorn, I have a pond on my one ranch where we do a lot of duck and geese shooting, the dogs don't always fetch all the birds, the serval have learnt this and do the rounds, first sunset he had his "unicorn".
And now in Spain there is a legend being whispered about. Somewhere deep in the Mozambique bush there exists a man called the Unicorn Whisperer :D
That is awesome Simon! That must have been one happy client (y) It sounds like he had something of a history with Serval. How long had your client been trying to bag one?
We'll see how my first go at them turns out this September :) Along with Lioness and Caracal. Something of a "feline safari" you might say.
Ida, I think it was his 7th trip, had never seen a serval, first with me. It was in South Africa:sneaky:. All the best for safari.
That must have been a great moment. This gentleman had probably started to question his faith, and then his prayers finally were answered. One of those trophies he probably looks at every day and smiles :)
i see some good stats coming in, ill do another one a bit later where we compare the top species with the ones you guys post here as well, bare in mind that i only have a couple of fields to pick from in the poll.
I picked zebra which has been on my list for a long time. I also think eland and giraffe. For dangerous game, i'd like to take buffalo (both African and Australian) and elephant. Health issues have prevented me from going so far, but I'm still working on it!

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