What Bow Case Do You Use?

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Aug 16, 2015
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Ditto on the Double Bow SKB. While I do like the idea, and have considered it, of the large rolling duffle bag, I over plan things. I take two bows with me, especially after our trip to Alaska and my daughter encountered a problem with her bow. On that trip, we only took one bow apiece. Learning from that and hoping to avoid such issues in the future, we both hauled two bows to Namibia and I will do so again in September. A long way to go and a lot of money invested to get there, so for me, I feel better having a backup. Even if I could get two bows in the duffle, I'm sure I'd never get that bag under 50 lbs. The sights come off and are wrapped separately in foam. As far as arrows and broadheads, arrows went in tubes and the heads in separate locking storage cases, with those going in our checked bags. I got the broadhead boxes off of Amazon for a couple bucks apiece I can easily put 15 single blade heads in one box. I fear those heads somehow coming loose in the bow case and wrecking havoc on my bow strings. To each their own on how they transport their equipment, but my primary bow alone, stripped with no accessories, cost me $1000. I'm not putting it in a $40 dollar case and expecting it to be in one piece when I get to Africa and back. Same with my iPhone, that XS cost me a grand, it's not in a $5 dollar, cool looking case. It's in an Otterbox. My daughter has the cool looking case and we just had hers repaired after she dropped in 3 feet and shattered the screen. I took advice from others who travel to Africa, and other places by air to hunt, and replaced the locks on the SKB with the TSA locks, then add a couple of neon colored zip ties to let me know if someone got into the case. Is all of this a guarantee that a knucklehead on a forklift won't run my case over and crush both bows? Nope, but I do sleep a little better on the plane with the "belief" that my gear is as safe as "I" could make it for the trip.
Hope you have an awesome trip and can't wait to see the pictures and read the story upon your return.



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Jul 8, 2014
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I would suggest packing bows and arrows together...they are useless without one another.

I have a Pelican that seems pretty tough. I took it to Hawaii this summer for a public land DIY hunt. I locked it with brand new key Masterlocks (had a gun and bow). One lock froze. Was a pain in butt but could have been worse in other more remote places. I just went to a local Lowes and purchased bolt cutters, went to car, clicked off lock, and returned.

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I have a like new VC .450 I might part with. I had it built in 2013 and it has served me well. Also have a VC fitted leather trunk case for it along with the plastic case it came with. I'll take 14000 for all of it.
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Sold a Blaser scope mount to him. He was a pleasure to do business with.
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Sold a Blaser scope mount to him. Was a pleasure to do business with.