What animal in Africa would you NOT hunt/shoot? Is there one....


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I actually saw this on another hunting website and thought it might be a decent question.

Is there one animal in Africa you wouldn't care to hunt?
Cheetah, I cannot bring it back so I cannot see the reason to kill one.
Cheetah, I cannot bring it back so I cannot see the reason to kill one.

I agree with Bushbuck a 100 percent! If you can't export the animal and there is not a sound wildlife management plan in place...I'm not interested.

You add the black impala and black faced impala to the list too.
Mine would be Rhino. Don't get me wrong, i'd dart one in an instant. But actually killing one doesn't do anything for me.
I'm gonna go with TOM on this one and say rhino. I'd also dart one one but have no desire to actually kill one. Zebra's also don't appeal to me.
That's funny Tom, after going on a couple Rhino dart hunts I feel just the opposite. No more dart hunts for me. If I cannot really hunt the animal then I don't want to shoot it.
I'm gonna go with TOM on this one and say rhino. I'd also dart one one but have no desire to actually kill one. Zebra's also don't appeal to me.

I will take a guess and say you have never hunted Africa. Almost everyone I have taken to africa over the years said they did not want a zebra before they went.
Once everyone gets over to Africa and sees that they are actually a wild animal, difficult at times to hunt and stalk, and the zebras over there dont know who Walt Disney, or what a horse is, they change there mind.
Bushbuck: Your right, I'm a sinner and have never been to Africa...yet :). I've heard lots of stories of people changing their minds after seeing them as well. I know they're wild and am thankful only one had to be subjected to the degradation of Mr. Disney but for now they just do not appeal as a trophy to me. I feel similar to black bears here in Canada, they're wild and all but I'm not going to go out of my way to shoot one, not to mention they're less prone to try and eat you than the bigger versions. Not to say I won't ever hunt either but that's just my humble opinion and thanks for your insight.
Giraffe, I ve been quite close to them several times, and never felt the urge to shoot, I only keep skulls as trophies, and don t think a giraffe would make a good one.
I guess the one animal, I wouldn't be interested is crocodile. I just don't have the drive to kill one for whatever reason. Have never wanted to do a alligator hunt in the U.S.

A ton of people like to hunt alligator and dream of crocodile...but not me for some reason. Wouldn't mind a alligator pair of cowboy boots though :).
Rhino, poachers are killing them off. Most of Africa has stopped Rhino darting now, so you can't even do that anymore.
Cheetah, I cannot bring it back so I cannot see the reason to kill one.

It is too bad for the cheetah that we cannot bring them back. Imagine how much they could be worth and how well they would be doing if they were actually worth something. As it is, they kill other animals that have value without the possibility of generating revenue. Our grandchildren will be lucky to see one if the people in charge don't figure this out.

To answer the original question, I don't have much desire to shoot a giraffe. I saw quite a few, but didn't feel any desire to pull the trigger on the big goofy things.
The Giraffe would probably be the one I wouldn't shoot, but the Zebra is my favorite Trophy from my first trip, my wife talked me into shooting one it was tough to get one they're cagey so when I go to Namibia one day I'm going to hunt Mountain Zebra The Zebra rug is awesome in the Trophy room
For me the animal that is NOT in my list... is Giraffe.
Many times i had oportunities... they allow you close distances... and the pics are marvellous... so it is not a challenge at all to shoot one.
Hunting involves suffering, challenge, and posibility to win/loose... that is hunting for me... and jiraffe doesn't give me that feelings.


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Good question

For me, there isent a animal I wouldent like to hunt, one of my many dreams is to hunt atleast one of each huntable species in africa.
It's funny how your ideas on what you would like to hunt change when you have some African experience. I wasn't sure if I wanted a zebra when I went on my first African hunt. After tracking and walking and walking and spooking and walking and , well you get the idea, I finaly got my opportunity. The full shoulder pedestal mount is one of my favorite trophies and brings back some of my greatest African memories. When I felt that I had done enough killing on my last hunt in Zimbabwe, we decided my wife should try to take a zebra for the experience and for a beautiful rug. We worked very hard for this trophy and wouldn't hesitate to hunt zebra again. We got our zebra on the last afternoon of the hunt.
The animal that I thought I would never want is the elephant. After having them all around me on a buffalo hunt last year, and getting to hear them, see them and appreciate the stealth needed and the danger involved in hunting them , I have changed my mind. All I need now is more money and I would be going.
My point is that we need to keep our minds open. I have no desire to hunt the little antelope but that could change after listening to a few stories and reading a few articles. Just my opinion.
Good Hunting, Mike
AFRICAN WILD CAT, looks so similar to the domesticated version, I had one in the crosshair and could not pull the triger, anything else is fair game to me.
Good Point! The African wildcat does look just like a barn cat here in Wisconsin. I wouldn't be interested either. Thanks for the post davidarizpe.


African Wild Cat
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I agree, too small a cat for a trophy.

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