What’s the best watch to wear on safari?

Make and model? Love the simple face and classic crown.





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I was formerly a Timex Expedition fan but I found the Casio Forester to be more durable. Just a cheap. I'm a sensible guy too. Damn proud of it.
Yes, I’ve seen and considered the Casio’s - they sit right next to the Timex’s at Walmart and around the same $35-$45 price. I stick with Timex only because I already know how to “use all the features”, can set the alarms etc...Also the Timex watch face is so “slim” that I can button any cuffed shirt and it still fits/slides under the cuff. I’m not much for technology but I’m sure I could figure out how to use a Casio - they fit my style (cheap).
Casio, 20atm, 70$,
no worries about stealing or getting wet.
Works fine

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Eddie, that Casio is made in Japan and assembled in China - what’s Not to like? Screams “quality” - same as my Timex... that steel watch band looks like it weighs 3 pounds compared to my plastic-fantastic even cheaper Timex (which could melt in the Sun on my dashboard). The Casio is waterproof to 200 meters and the Timex only 50 meters - although I’m only good for 5 meters.
If anyone is looking for a bombproof field/dive watch I have a Tudor Pelagos FXD ‘marine national‘ 2022
this is a watch from Rolex sister company, tudor has great roots.
4yrs warranty still. I’ve worn it but is in perfect condition.

“Developed to a set of unique specifications created in collaboration with a specialist unit of the French Navy, the Pelagos FXD model is designed for underwater navigation and optimised for professional use.”

anyway I can save you some money if you are looking for a great entry into the luxury watch market…
pm me if interested
What do you fine gentleman think of this one?


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You can never go wrong with a Made in Japan Seiko for the money. A horologically legitimate, in-house movement watch for sure! Screw down crown, solid waterproof rating and good lume.
What do you fine gentleman think of this one?
The new Seiko Alpinist is a beautiful watch with modern Japanese movement. The history is that Seiko introduced it in 1959 as their introduction into the "sport watch" realm and was made for the Japanese Alpinist of the day. As such it was rugged but still elegant with a high degree of accuracy.

As with many watch manufacturers today, Seiko is trying to capitalize on nostalgia. The Rolex Daytona is a good example of this. The reason they are doing this is because an original Rolex Daytona (ref 6239) starting price is $100K going up to over $17 million...well out of the price range of most watch enthusiasts. The current Rolex Daytona model (ref 126506) sells for around $30-50K depending on options and where you get it.

I'm no different with the Omega Moonwatch. I absolutely love the brand, but there's no way I could justify $120K for an original Speedmaster (ref 145.012). However my wife now wears a Speedmaster CK2998 that is a modern replica of one of the Moonwatches.

If you have always wanted a Seiko Alpinist and thought they were really cool, their modern iteration of the original is a great way to own a piece of history without breaking the bank.

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