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    This is a New in Box/Never Mounted, Lighted reticle, 30mm tube scope. Excellent option for big game or tactical rifle. Selling for $670 or more on the Web

    Buy now for $540 plus shipping
    PM me for more INFO

    Weaver Tactical 1-5X24 Illuminated Intermediate Range Riflescope

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    Weaver Illuminated Intermediate Range Riflescope 1-5x24 intended for rugged outdoor enthusiast. The Weaver Tactical Riflescope Illuminated CIRT Reticle embraces optical evolution with five times magnification. Weaver Tactical 1-5x24mm Illuminated Intermediate Riflescope are for the hunters who prefer the Weaver name and wish to mount optics on their safari grade magnum rifle. Loaded with the latest technological advances of modern high end optics, this rifle scope is perfect for hunting dangerous game when you need fast target acquisition. The Weaver Rangescope features a 30mm tube and a 24mm objective lens transmitting more useable light in the dimmest conditions. From 1 to 5 times zoom range on this riflescope, you have a variation of up to five times magnification for bringing game and other targets closer to you for a clean shot. The Weaver CIRT Reticle 1-5x24 Riflescope was engineered to uphold the strict standards of Weaver Riflescopes. The fully multi-coated lenses reduce glare and loss of light due to reflection. The Illuminated Intermediate 1-5x24mm also has extra hard coatings on exterior lenses. If you're looking for a sweet riflescope with ultra clarity, hardy exterior and a sturdy platform, then make the legendary quality of Weaver a part of your outdoor experience.

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