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SAVANNA HUNTING SAFARIS in Mpumalanga, South Africa is owned and operated by Johan Potgieter founded in 1993 this hunting operation has grown into one of South Africa's major hunting outfits with a record of producing world-class trophies through ethical fair chase hunting. In 2013 Johan Jr joined Savanna Hunting Safari's as a full-time professional hunter. In 2018 younger brother Herman followed his brother and became Savanna's 3rd full-time professional hunter.

We as a team do not offer just a hunt, but we deliver to you the hunter a complete safari adventure starting with the planning of your hunt to the final step which is the delivering of your trophies to your doorstep, we pay special attention to each hunter or group of hunters so that the end product will be your African dream come true.


Professional hunter and outfitter Johan Potgieter, owner and founder of SAVANNA HUNTING SAFARIS, and sons Johan Jr and Herman will host your unforgettable African safari. We are committed to honesty, integrity, and the pursuance at all times of client satisfaction. Savanna hunting safaris will offer you that African Hunting experience like nobody else will, no task or request is too big or small for us and this is a guaranteed commitment.


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Rifle Hunting
Hunting safaris are conducted from March through November. SAVANNA HUNTING SAFARIS offers rifle hunting on some of the best-managed nature reserves and private properties throughout Southern Africa. There are probably as many reasons to hunt as there are hunters, but the core reasons can be reduced to four: to experience nature as a participant; to feel an intimate, sensuous connection to place; to take responsibility for one's food; and to acknowledge our kinship with wildlife.

Hunting manages wildlife populations it keeps nature at a healthy balance. For many wildlife species, hunting also helps to maintain populations at levels compatible with human activity and land use.

Our flexible approach enables us to cater to the needs of different clients as far as hunting methods and animals are concerned. We shall always try as far as possible to meet our client's preferences. We can combine any animal into a package. We hunt the following areas in South Africa Limpopo, Free State, Eastern Cape, and the Kalahari. The species you would like to hunt will determine the area we will hunt as not all species are found in one area. The affordability of all African animals and fantastic infrastructure all contribute to a world-class African hunting experience. We offer you the hunter the ideal opportunity to experience walk and stalk or spot and stalk hunt of animals in their natural habitat in open Africa.

Bow Hunting
Embark on a journey of a lifetime and experience some of the best bow hunting that Africa has to offer. Bow hunting safaris are undertaken throughout the year but we recommend the dry months July to November. All our bow-hunting concessions are exclusive bow-hunting areas. We hunt mainly from well-established blinds around waterholes and also walk and stalk. Our team of well-trained professional hunters and trackers will dedicate themselves to providing you with a memorable and exciting bow-hunting adventure.
Each Province has different regulations regarding dangerous game bow hunting. Do not hesitate to ask us to supply you with the latest regulations before confirming a hunt. Bow hunting allows you to see the world and wildlife in unique ways. Each bow hunt you experience and animal you pursue is a new adventure because you never know what you'll see or run into.
The number of bow hunters entering South Africa is rapidly increasing, and more and more outfitters are catering to their specific requirements. Bow hunting in most provinces is done under a special permit which will be arranged by us in advance of your hunt. There may be restrictions imposed on species of animal that can be bow hunted and on the standard of equipment required.

Minimum recommendations.
Draw Weight Arrow Weight
Small game 40 lb 400 grain
Medium game 70 lb 550 grain
Buffalo, 80 lb 700 grain.

Bird Hunting
The most common birds we hunt in Southern Africa range from francolin, guinea fowl, and various species of dove and pigeons. We also hunt two species of geese the Egyptian geese and Spur-winged goose including some ducks this calls for a very challenging hunt. We can hunt the following birds during this time of the year.
Guinea fowl: 1 May to 30 September, Ducks: 1 May to 31 August, Francolin: 1 May to 31 August,

Egyptian Geese: 1 February t to 30 November, Spurwing Goose: 1 March to 30 September, Doves & Pigeons: 1 January to 31 December. Please take these dates into consideration when you make your booking with us for the best bird-hunting safari yet. You can expect to shoot between 300 and 1000 shots per day.

For Egyptian and Spurwing Geese we do have a bag limit of between 5 and 10 birds per outing with the official bag limit of 10 birds per gun per day. With ducks, we have a bag of 5 to 10 birds per gun per day. We hunt near dams and pans from behind hides and use decoys. Francolin and guinea fowl we hunt either over Pointers or driven hunts. Both ways of hunting can be very successful. Bag limit 10 birds per gun per day. No matter what kind of bird we hunt you will sit back at night thinking about a super day you had hunting birds.


SAVANNA HUNTING SAFARIS uniquely offers you Africa, unwind and relax in the African bush and still enjoy the elegant chalets (round houses) or our comfortably furnished African-style safari tents with en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water and flush toilets.

Enjoy and relax around an African campfire or the swimming pool. With South Africa recognized as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, we also offer photo safaris to Kruger National Park and other areas in South Africa.

SAVANNA HUNTING SAFARIS provides qualified professional hunters and skinners to assist you on your dream hunt. With our knowledge, we will guide you as close as possible to your trophy animal. Savanna hunting safaris offer outstanding hunting opportunities in South Africa and the rest of Africa. We offer big game safaris in exclusive areas in South Africa. Hunts are booked from 7 to 28 days.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new hunting friends who will hunt with us this year and would like to thank our friends who hunted with us last season we had a very good season taking very good trophies.

Photo Safari's

Safari package one:
3 days Kruger National Park Experience the world's greatest natural Park. Kruger Park has a bountiful assortment of wildlife and includes the big five. Come face to face with Africa's mightiest animals. Accommodation in thatch roof bungalows with air conditioning and ceiling fans.
SAVANNA HUNTING SAFARIS aims to give our customers personal and professional attention.

Safari package two:
10 days Mpumalanga province and Kruger National Park. Mpumalanga means "Place of the rising sun"! Places we visit during this trip- waterfalls; botanical garden; caves; old mining town; cheetah breeding program and Kruger National Park.
Explore Kruger National Park and Mpumalanga Province in a luxurious minibus with air


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