Trapping giant lizard and baking in a unique way

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Dec 10, 2017
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As normal, the two aboriginal men wandered around the jungle to find food, they found a cave and thanks to their experience, they guessed that was the cave of a reptile. They prepared and set a trap in front of the cave. The trap was so simple.


First of all, they cut a firm tree branch and planted it on the ground, then they needed a string that was strong and supple and they took advantage of jungle vines. They tied one head of the string to the tree branch, and the tied other head into a noose that could tighten the prey when it come in.

After a short time, the prey appeared from the cave, that is a giant lizard. It moved out slowly from the cave . It’s head was completedly in the noose and it was completedly kept in the trap. The more the lizard tried to move, the more it was tightened, and the faster the death comes.

You can refer this following video to know more:


After a while, the two men came back and they was happy about the big prey. They brough it to the stream and cut the stomach to remove all internal organs, then bake it.

Baking lizard in a special way


After removing all internal organs of the lizard, they crossed it by a long tree branch and fixed the leg and tails to the branch. Then they set a fire to bake the lizard. Remember, to bake food without burning, you should use big wood because big wood has less fire but more charcoal. When baking, you need to rotate evenly because the lizard is big and it has thick meat. If you don’t rotate it, somewhere will be raw and soemwhere will be burned

After nearly 2 hours evenly baking, they had excellent baked lizard. You can see the meat in the tail was so delicious. With Wilderness Technology you will have many interesting experiences.


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I’ll pass thanks
nice video ricky, thank you for shraring
Never tried lizard meat, but have been assured it is very tasty.
Interesting way to get a meal. Good for them. Not sure I would care to join them in the meal.
Well,I've never tied it....o_O
Lizard - the other white meat

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