The Wildlife Game

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Jun 27, 2009
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The Wildlife Game

Between the 30th June and the 5th July 2001, the annual American Animal Rights Conference was held at the Hilton Hotel in McLean, Virginia, USA. There were over a thousand delegates one third of whom were under the age of twenty-five. None of the US State game departments or the Federal US Fish and Wildlife Service sent representatives. Only one person who questioned the goals and the tactics of the animal rights movement was in attendance. His name was Jim Beers. He represented ‘Conservation Force’, an international sustainable- use conservation NGO located in the American State of Louisiana.

Beers is a mature, 60 year-old Catholic, wildlife biologist who still hunts and fishes, and fully understands the benefits of pro-actively managing fish and wildlife for the benefit of mankind. After a stint in the Utah Game and Fish Department he joined the US Navy and then served in the Minneapolis Police Department. Finally, before retiring, he worked for 30 years in various locations throughout the USA with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. All this is relevant to the report he submitted – and which he sent by e-mail all around the world.

As a consequence of his experiences at this conference, Beers was clearly catapulted into a sudden and disturbed understanding about the dangers that animal rights-ism poses to wildlife and to the American way of life. Furthermore, he wants his fellow Americans to understand and to share his concerns. He also wants the world-at-large to understand the realities of these dangers, too.

Beers concluded that: “Those of you who - hunt, fish, trap, wear fur, raise mink, sell fur or leather products, train animals, have pets, enjoy rodeos, enjoy circuses, live on ranches or farms, log timber or graze animals, use wood products, eat meat, eat eggs, eat cheese, eat wild fish and wildlife, eat seafood, attend dog races, support animal research for human treatments, support proactive fish and wildlife management for human benefit, use public lands, own guns, support the 2nd Amendment, wear leather, oppose terrorism, oppose intimidation, oppose physical threats, recreate in the outdoors with your families, love your children, want religious institutions kept free from infiltration and manipulation, believe in the constitutional freedoms of the USA, oppose the continued expansion of Federal power, oppose forcible establishment of rule by anarchy in our USA, oppose the efforts of the UN to regulate everything to do with fish and wildlife and guns throughout the world, and who love this nation and what it stands for, should have been there.”

This list includes, it will be noted, all the various kinds and majorities of ordinary folk comprising civilised societies throughout the world. So Beers is not just warning animal-use supporters to beware of the animal rights brigade, he is warning everybody. What then was it that Jim Beers experienced that caused him to be so upset.

“The people and groups that gathered at this luxury Hilton Hotel for five days made no bones that they are going to eliminate every traditional use of animals and many other American freedoms and traditions,” Beers reports. “They have been going about this incrementally for years. And since there have been no serious consequences of their activities, their boldness and arrogance has reached gargantuan proportions. They clearly believe and preach the radical reformation of the way we live, the way we relate to our government, and the elimination of most freedoms that we take for granted here in the USA. They intend to change the relationship between mankind and the animal world that has existed for millennia. Not once was anything questioned during the conference. This radical movement must be brought into the light of day. Their agenda, from mandated veganism to obtaining legal rights first for apes then for all other animals, must be understood by all of us.

“The only way for me to convey the truly frightening experience of attending this conference,” Beers says, ”is to describe what I encountered. Although the First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech and free assembly, many of the things I saw and heard could only be characterized as inciting mayhem. Many of the people making presentations crossed state lines to get there and there were numerous inferences, suggestions, and encouragements to commit violent and unlawful acts of major magnitudes.”

Many of the younger cohort were heavily tattooed and made liberal use of metal rings through various body parts. Beers guessed that “half of them were attending their first such conference“ and he says “in my opinion, they were being scrutinized by many of the sponsors and session instructors.” They were encouraged to meet with instructors later in the hallways and at dinner if they were interested in learning ‘more’ about what was discussed and about ‘other things’ only alluded to in the sessions. Beers concluded: “It appeared to be a bazaar for inducting young people into terrorist activities.”

“I earnestly hope that the reader will be convinced to treat this movement with the serious consideration and public scrutiny that it deserves,” Beers says. “If all of us don’t pull together to maintain our freedoms and way of life, these people will surely turn us into a society that our forefathers would not recognize and in which we, and I ultimately believe they, will not want to live.”

A major drive of the animal rightists at this conference was to impose veganism on the American nation. Other objectives supported resistance to globalisation, outlawing circuses, outlawing rodeos, stopping fishing, stopping hunting, stopping dog racing, outlawing the use of fur and leather, disrupting World Trade Organisation Meetings, and protesting anything and everything else of which they disapproved.

To give readers some idea of the mood of the conference some of the pamphlets and publications were entitled,

- Why we must stop the war on drugs.
- Why we should teach our children not to be ashamed of their bodies.
- Ending the use of animals in research, testing and education.
- Stopping the use of animals for meat, eggs and dairy products.
- Internships for animal rights, indigenous rights, anti-sweat-shop and anti-fur.

Videos were constantly being shown. Some of their titles, and the subjects of the sessions, included:

- IGNITING A REVOLUTION. A sympathetic primer by radical environmental and animal activists on “ecotage”.
- ANIMAL LIBERATION: THE MOVIE. ALF (Animal Liberation Front) raids on British laboratories and factory farms.
- GETTING ATTENTION (Legally)(Effective use of street demonstrations)
- GETTING ATTENTION (Otherwise)(CDs, disruptions, banner drops, rescues, phone/web siege, destruction)
- HOW BROAD OUR ETHICS? (Can we justify lying, cheating, stealing, sub-ordinating other social goals?)
- DIRECT TACTICS (Economic and peer pressure, physical threats)
- ENACTING FEDERAL LEGISLATION (Issues, coalitions, legislators and committees)
- HOW CAN WE ALL GET TOGETHER? (What are the opportunities and obstacles? What are the steps?)
- WHAT PRICE SOLIDARITY? (When should we tolerate damaging tactics or statements by other leaders?)
- WHAT PRICE ANIMAL LIBERATION? (How far should we go to liberate animals? What should be off limits?)
- DIRECT TACTICS (Economic and peer pressure, physical threats)

Many of the sessions were nothing more than old rhetoric targeting trapping and hunting, but some were ‘scary’ references to violent change of government in the USA.

Some of the general comments made during the sessions included:

- Pollution is just like police brutality. Use it as an excuse to demonstrate and forge coalitions.
- Abortion rights activists can help to involve the women’s movement and the lesbian/gay activists.
- Guns must be eliminated from society.
- Anyone with a gun wants to kill.
- I’ve been arrested six times and I still teach at my university.
- Some places, like San Francisco, will never prosecute you for anything.
- Put bricks through windows to intimidate wives and children.
- Baseball bats, when they pull into their driveways, have a way of discouraging people.
- Sometimes you have to “blow shit up”.
- Some people should be “blown up”.
- Bomb threats at key moments in England have won the day for us.
- Harass business acquaintances on the golf course, and their neighbours.
- Break up stockholder meetings and company parties.
- Here’s how to find out where people live.
- There is “other” stuff that I will be glad to tell you about in the hall or after dinner.
- There are no consequences of arrest.
- Break-ins, destroying property (fire etc) are all justified since society refuses to protect animals.
- Make things as costly as you can.
- I’m proud of all my arrests.
- Propagandize and energize the young, especially radicals in their teens and twenties who will take risks.
- Institute demonstrations and maximize disruptions and publicity.
- Use “comely” people as spokespersons and always appear rational and reasonable.
- Coordinate harassment by means that destroy key businesses, business leaders, and other opponents.
- Lying, cheating, destruction and “anything else” are justified since society won’t listen and the laws are against us.
- The end justifies the means.
- Attack history notions and focus on our progressive enlightenment on all these matters.
- Break up traditions and change the status quo to where we are in charge.
- Disrupt lawmaking that threatens us at any level.
- No one owns a pet. We are guardians only. The whole man/pet relationship needs to be revamped.
- People of color are at great risk around hunters and trappers.
- Get whites upset. This energizes minorities.
- Anti-nuclear protesters share our goals as do people against slave labor and those against using the Third World to grow our food.
- Always keep an eye out for free floating radicals who can help.
- Preach solidarity with unions, minorities, feminists and gay/lesbians.
- Stress issues that divide hunters – like “canned” hunts.
- Dog hunting and baiting also divide hunters, so use these topics. Hunters are already divided, keep dividing them.
- Oppose all right to subsistence hunting by indigenous people.
- Use kites, recordings, bullhorns and “other” things (to disrupt hunting etc.).
- We are successful in getting to children early in school so they learn to hate hunting.
- PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has cracked the wholesomeness of fishing. This will deter families and help us with destroying the wholesome labels on other animal uses.
- Always deal with sport fishing and commercial fishing bans separately.
- Fishermen are tools of international businesses.
- All killing of fish must be stopped.
- PETA is proud to be forcing the Boys Scouts to drop their fishing and wildlife management merit badges. They are proud to be in solidarity with others who are trying to change that indoctrination organization.
- Confront anyone wearing fur and intimidate them.
- Use any tactics to put fur stores out of business.
- Confront people wearing fur trim.
- Embarrass fur wearers in front of their friends and at places where they wear fur.
- Personalize animals to children and to the public.
- The propaganda about animal control is all lies. No animals need to be controlled.
- The only goal is to obtain legal rights for apes as the crack in the wall for all other animals.
- Since industry bribes politicians anything we do to get political support is good.

”At one point,” Jim Beers reports, “ I felt as if I was attending a communist training program back in the 50s or 60s for a cadre of insurgents to be sent into a country that was to be subverted. Some are trained to control the media, others to influence politicians and control bureaucracies, still others to control religion and schools, demonstrators were to disrupt things, and others to do the “other things” that ultimately underpin all the rest. Frightening is too weak a word to describe what it is like to watch this take place in luxury hotel in a free country.”

That the animal rights movement is a terrorist movement, therefore, there is no doubt. A terrorist is defined by the Oxford dictionary as: “anyone who attempts to further his views by a system of coercive intimidation”. Our animal rightist ‘friends’ slot right into this category.

The terrible tragedies of the international terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, and on the Pentagon in Washington D.C., on 11th September 2001, changed the world. It is little wonder that the American people – AND the civilised world-at-large - have now adopted a “Zero Tolerance” approach towards international terrorism AND to those countries that harbour them. It has been a long time coming.

So far only those misguided animal rightists who have bombed and vandalised business establishments, burnt down medical research laboratories, and released animals from breeding facilities of which they disapprove, have been listed as terrorists in accordancde with American law. No attempt, however, has YET been made to identify animal rights-ism, holistically, as a terrorist movement. Yet there is no doubt at all that those who convened the conference here reported upon, supported and lauded those of their more rabid bretheren that commit terrorist acts. The animal rights movement as a whole, therefore, must be considered one and the same – together with their terrorist ‘heroes’.

Hunters et al, must never lose sight of the old adage: Evil succeeds when good men do nothing! And, at this point in time - and there is no doubt about it - the animal rightists are slowly gaining ground!

There is no better time than right now, therefore, for ALL ‘good and honest men’ in world society – not JUST those who support the sustainable use of wildlife - to stand up and be counted. Now is the time for those of us who believe in responsible government to point out to our political leaders – with vigour and with determination - that the animal rights movement, as a whole, should be considered and treated as the terrorism-promoting movement that it is.

This article provides the first legitimate live round that needs to be fired in the war that now HAS to be fought to liberate the world from animal rights terrorism. But it will not be the last. More, equally legitimate, ammunition will be made available to readers in the Wildlife Game columns that will appear in future additions.

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