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When humans first began reaching for the stars, this hidden world seemed infinitely distant. But then, as we took advantage of more and more modern techniques and optics, we not only recognized the big picture, but our view of things also changed. The “big picture” is probably a good starting point when considering state-of-the-art hunting optics. Everything has changed in recent years, with coatings, edge-to-edge sharpness, high contrast, and transmission values that our grandfathers could only dream of. Hunting optics have become brighter and sharper – and they’ve gone digital. Thermal imaging technology, whether handheld or an attachment, has fundamentally changed our nighttime view of things.


“When hunting, the use of modern thermal imaging technology and targeting optics is not a privilege, it is an ethical responsibility.”

Today, as a young man and passionate hunter with a penchant for sophisticated techniques, I enjoy the privilege of hunting with cutting-edge targeting and long-range optics. As a user of Leica products, every time I look at them – my Geovid 3200.COM, my Leica riflescope, or my Calonox thermal cameras – I am impressed by their perfect blend of tradition and modernity. That’s a fine line few are able to tread. Personally, I have always been a big fan of well-designed solutions from a single source, and my Leica products are exactly that.

“When night falls, covering the woods with its dark cloak, only modern thermal imaging technology can lift it with confidence.”

As a passionate wild boar hunter, it is sometimes not easy in Germany. Our game is mostly nocturnal, and the decisive time usually begins around the “blue hour”. This turning point in the day separates the wheat from the chaff in the field of hunting optics. And this is when my Geovid 3200.COM and my Amplus 6 come into their own. Where others fail is where the exciting journey through the night begins. This bright, high-contrast duo captures the last remaining light and sends it to the hunter’s eye. When night has fallen, the Leica Calonox joins this already powerful team, and hunting success is a matter between you and Saint Hubert. With the thermal imaging devices Leica Calonox View and Calonox Sight, the length of the hunt does not depend on the moon, but only on the willpower and passion of the hunter.


“If it fits perfectly, nothing has to be changed.”

Holistic solutions, an answer to many questions, and a helping hand when needed. At first, I wanted to approach all of this matter-of-factly, highlighting objective advantages, but honestly, this topic is far too important to look at this way. Pompous words don’t do it justice. I simply love holding my Geovid 3200.COM in my hands, scanning the whole area, enjoying that sharpness in my view, and, just for fun, using the laser rangefinder to see how far that big oak tree with the owl is from my hide. Then the view through my Leica riflescope, trying out the zoom range: If the large boar were standing there now, I’d be ready. The clear illuminated dot convinced me from the start. Quickly open the Leica Hunting App and create the ballistic profile for the new ammunition, a few clicks and the profile is saved. The parallax adjustment on the Leica riflescope is quickly made – thanks to Geovid 3200.COM I know the range. I’m happy to leave coincidences to others. At some point, the sun sinks and it gets darker by the minute. The time for my Calonox View has come. How much did I miss in the past, I wonder. The roe deer, which had already settled in the tall grass before my arrival, now no longer escapes my curious gaze. I quickly open the Leica Calonox View app and check how much device memory is still free because the deer leaps off in fright. Wild boar announces itself. What used to remain hidden now enriches even the darkest night – thanks to modern technology. Quickly start the recording, press a button and this evening is captured for eternity. I can review it at any time thanks to the Leica Calonox View app. Every recording is neatly organized, stored in the device memory, and can be downloaded or viewed as needed via the very clearly designed app. Of course, the same applies to the Leica Calonox Sight, my thermal imaging header. The difference is that no recordings are possible here (yet). Instead, I can make crucial settings directly and conveniently from my smartphone. Wonderfully simple, wonderfully logical. Mounting the Leica Calonox Sight thermal imaging header is extremely easy, thanks to the Leica product universe in which I operate. The Calonox Sight elegantly nestles up to my scope, the duet for the night. An enormous field of view and unparalleled visual acuity. You immediately notice that care was taken during development to ensure that all products are perfectly matched to each other. Plug & Play in its clearest form. And that’s what we want: solutions from one source, a cohesive and functioning product world, and developments that already include all eventualities in their basic features. Because, at the decisive moment, everything simply has to fit.

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