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Sep 1, 2019
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I have a dove and Red Stag hunt coming up in June and was wondering if anyone had tried to ship back anything recently? I plan to just have a euro mount of the stag. I was wondering the average time from hunt to delivery of trophies?
Thanks for any input.
I am following this closely. I will be hunting blackbuck and axis in Argentina in June as well, and have the same questions…..
I was there last month and was told about a year.
Which outfit you guys are using?
I have several friends that go to Argentina every year. The last couple years they have expressed disdain for how expensive shipping has gotten recently compared to previous pre-Covid years.
I will be hunting Blackbuck and boar this month with Catena. I'll post when I learn anything.
I hunted red stag and Russian boar in March 2023, had my shipment arrive in Montana by first week of October. Hunted with Algar Safaris. Shipment came from BA to Seattle via American Airlines. I have a hunt report on AH with all of the shipping details
I was in Argentina a couple years ago. I took a red stag and blackbuck. The standard "dip and pack" service to get skull/horns and hide home had the heads effectively euro mount finished when they arrived to me.

Our outfitter waited until end of season to make a single trip from Santa Rosa to Buenos Aires with all trophies from all hunts, and having gone in March at the start of the Roar, we had to wait longer than those who went at the end of the year. When they were finally ready to go from a processing standpoint, Argentina regulations changed and caused a delay in processing of paperwork to get them cleared to ship (or at least that's what I was told - partially confirmed by talking to a separate outfitter that is an AH Sponsor). It ended up taking something like 12-15 months for them to finally leave Argentina. But again, when they arrived they were Euro hang ready. Unfortunately my troubles weren't over and the hides were somehow misplaced at the tannery before making it to my taxidermist so I'm still waiting to see the final work over 2 years later on my pedestal stag and wall pedestal blackbuck.

To try and help answer better to the OP question- I would think somewhere between 8-10months (depending on when you hunt during the season and where) from hunt to arrival in the US. But that is a bit of speculation on my part.
I will be hunting with Pointer Outfitters. Dove hunt will be in Cordova and travel to La Pampa for red stag.
I finally got mine last month. It took nearly 23 months. The Argentina government and the shipper ere the cause of the delay. MG Hunting delivered the animals the same day we left camp as we were the last group.

Three of the four heads were missing teeth with the buffalo missing six. The red stag is missing a 2" piece of bone from the upper jaw.

But I have to say the skulls were the cleanest I've ever received.
what is the best way to get a good euro mount from this hunt?
Just have to local guys do all the work
“Dip and pack”, ship back to the states for finishing?
Any foreseeable difference in cost or time? It will only be the one mount.
Just returned from Argentina. Catena will hold all trophies till August end of season and then deliver to shipper.
Just returned from Argentina. Catena will hold all trophies till August end of season and then deliver to shipper.
Did they have any good estimates on time once the shipper acquired it in August?
Nothing specific yet. I am focusing on making sure my importer has good contact info.

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