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    Hi to all outdoors enthusiasts.I have been an active pro-hunter in Southern Africa since 1987.My speciality is to track predators with the trail hounds that I breed and train in the Eastern Cape ( South Africa ). I introduced the concept of tracking leopard with these same hounds in 1993.Our team was the first in modern times to offer these hunts to paying sportsmen from around the world.

    I would like to sincerely thank all who made these adventures possible especially the paying clients who afforded us the opportunity to enjoy this very unique lifestyle while it lasted.As many of you may know we have concentrated our hunting in Namibia since 1997, now the authorities have put an end to this form of hunting in that country with the aid of NAPHA members and some corrupt opperators.

    Until we find another venue for these hunts I will be offering hound hunts for small cats ( African Lynx, Serval, African Wildcat) in South Africa in combination with plainsgame.Our company African Rosette Safaris will be at the Harrisburg show and a show in Wisconsin.Jan Westdyk is my able partner, feel free to look him up if you are attending any of these shows.You can contact me for further info or email .We would welcome any support after the setback we have had in Namibia.We must keep the hounds on the trail.Look forward to your contact.Good hunting and keep safe. Kind regards, Roy Sparks.

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    Welcome to AH Roy Sparks! I am certain that there are several members here that will be very interested in what your company offers. We are glad to have a hound hunting expert amongst us. Can you tell us where your predators hunts with hounds take place in South Africa and what type of success rate you have with African Lynx, Serval & African Wildcat. Also if you have a website, feel free to share it with us. Looking forward to seeing some of your dogs and hunting pictures.

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