SOUTH AFRICA: Paw Print Safaris & Me Hunt 2016


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May 7, 2013
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Well folks the bags are packed and the guns are in the case! I have checked my list a couple of times now so I'm ready. The question is will I fill my list. We shall see on that score! I leave on Delta 200 Tuesday evening from Atlanta and will meet Pieter at OR Tambo Wednesday afternoon! @bassasdaindia I will see you there as well. Flintbeck here I come! @billc see you there a long with @Lee M !
I will post reports along the way !
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Good luck, shoot straight and shoot often!
Holy moly, didn't you just get back?;) have a safe trip and good hunting!
Good luck Charlie! See you in a week. My packing has started and final tweaks to the bow and arrow numbering has begun...
Good luck Charlie! See you in a week. My packing has started and final tweaks to the bow and arrow numbering has begun...

See you there Lee and look forward to meeting you!

Have a great safari, shoot straight on Mr. spots. Stay safe and be well. I can't wait for the posts and photos.

Good luck bud, Hope you have a wonderful/ safe trip.

Guess I'd better start packing too.
Pack some warm clothes. Lows near freezing I'm the am. Ugh!
Good luck! Enjoy Flintbek if that's where you're laying your head!
Charlie............last week you posted that you cancelled your trip to Zim. I guess this is Plan B? Always good to have a plan and then an alternative plan. Look forward to the report.

Charlie have a safe trip over and get a good start on that list. Will be nice to see what you have in the salt when we get there.

We should see you aug 27th and looking forward to finally getting to meet you.
Have a good trip and a great hunt! Look forward to the updates!
Have a fun trip. Counting on you to present your safari for KC SCI meeting.
Good luck and safe travels Charlie!
See you tomorrow!
Pieter - don't forget to release the 3 legged warthog and spike Nyala!

Charlie is inbound!

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