SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo Bull Of My Lifetime With Alex Goss, Blackthorn Safaris

Congratulations on a great hunt and wonderful trophies!
Lovely trophies all round!
For anyone interested the TV show we filmed while there with Alex Goss will be airing beginning on September 11 and then repeating several times. The show is American Archer on the Outdoor Channel. I filmed Joe Thomas taking a nice Sable while hunting with Alex Goss of Blackthorn Safaris. There will be a second show where Joe takes a nice Nyala. Both animals naturally taken with a bow. My hunts will not be part of the show as it is archery only and I hunted with a rifle. I will have video of my animals if anyone is interested in hunting with Alex and would like to see them. I'll get them as soon as they are edited.

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big Eland spotted on the plains this morning!

Daggaboy spotted this morning at the mud-hole!

Sable hunted this morning!

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Is this still available? I have been travelling and just caught back up so not sure if this has sold yet or not! Thanks in advance