Sierra .308 175 GR. HPBT Gameking Performance


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Mar 17, 2023
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Anyone have any practical field reports in .308 for for the .30 cal 175gr HPBT Gameking bullet that's supposed to be dimensionally identical to the 175SMK but somehow has better expansion and terminal performance? I'm looking for a high performance African plains game .308 bullet and think this might be a good contender vs the Nosler 168 Accubond, Hornady 175 ELD-X and the 175 Barnes LRX. I already have experience loading the 175SMK and if this bullet shoots identically to it, it could be a good shooter, but the actual terminal performance and expansion out to 300y @ 2600-2700 MV will be the most critical factor for me. I've heard anecdotal reports that these bullets are merely 175 SMKs with a slightly larger diameter nose cavity and that they tend to tumble and yaw rather than expand on game, but I'm not certain that'd experience taken from these newer factory Gameking bullets but rather people who have modified the older 175 SMK match bullet themselves.
Greetings, I have used this bullet on mule deer out of a .30-06, MV at 2727 fps. It did not anchor my deer with a shoulder shot, and required a 2nd heart lung shot. No exit. Distance was 188 yards. In fact when my first shoot broke, we could not tell if the deer was hit or not. I get stellar accuracy out of the bullet, but it's not going hunting with me again. Nor are Berger VLD bullets, (also accurate).

If you are shooting a .308 and going after plains game, I would consider Barnes TTSX, Nosler Partition or Accubond, Nosler E-Tip, Swift A-Frame or Scirocco. These bullets have proven track records on African plains game. Kudu and Wildebeest are big tough animals and you want everything in your favor.

Our guides at Blue Cliff Safaris wanted "on the shoulder shots". I believe it is better to give up a smidge of accuracy for better bullet performance. Remember most of the animals present big targets at relatively close distances. If your rifle and "you" can hold 1.5" groups at 100 yards, you will hit animals with no problem.

By the way in my Sako .308 I shoot the 165 Nosler Accubond at 2708fps. It kills everything!

Good hunting!


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