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    Thanks bluey. I've been in SA for 9 times now, and my wife always follows me hunting. She likes taking pictures of the birds and animals. This was the first time we split our vacation in one week hunting, and a week relaxing in Pilanusberg. We stayed at the same motel (manawe) in a fully equipped tent, and saw the impala, warthog etc. during daytime and night time on the campsite. We took long walks enjoying springbuck and impala in vast amounts just next to the camp and we took lots and lots of pictures of the birds in the camp. We went to SA without plans for the second week, and Rouan (from Tsala Safaris) helped us with booking and transport. He even gave us his cell phone number and that of his brother so that in case of any problems, he would be there within the hour. We come from Europe and Africa is still a dark continent for us with unknown dangers, so it is always a good thing to know that when there is a problem, you can get help from a local who knows his way around. I'm thinking of bringing my kids next time, i want to learn them to appreciate wildlife as much as we do.

    And for the hunters, three RW trophees and three other magnificent animals in six days but i wrote that already in an earlier comment.

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