Sensational prices for Marco Polo and Ibex Hunt in Kirgizia!


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Feb 10, 2012
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Sensational prices for Marco Polo and Ibex Hunt in Kirgizia!

Sensational prices ONLY last month (until march 15th 2012 )!!!
Marco polo 17.500 $, Ibex 3.900 $!!!!

For information and booking contact Kairat Akmatbekov.

Kyrgyzstan overview


The Kyrgyz Republic, located in the north-eastern part of Central Asia, is a part of one of the most interesting mountain regions on our planet the Central Tien Shan. Kyrgyzstan is a unique country. Only a limited number of countries possess a combination of exceptional natural, historical and cultural heritages as held by the Kyrgyz Republic.

Kyrgyzstan is the country of bright sunshine, snow-capped high mountains, deep gorges, wide green valleys, dry steppes, rough rivers and beautiful mountain lakes. Kyrgyzstan is called a mountain country. There are three highest peaks in the CIS countries: the Victory peak (7439 m), Lenin Peak (7134 m) and Khan Tengri peak (6995 m). The mountains are covered with forests, alpine meadows and snow-white glaciers. Natural conditions of the region are rich and diverse. Climatic conditions and an attractive landscape of the Kyrgyz Republic provide great opportunities for recreation. Beautiful nature, majestic mountains, familiarity with the customs and traditions of the local population and high quality services will leave you with unforgettable impressions for a lifetime.

Foreign hunters, mostly tourists, are interested in obtaining trophies of wild animals such as Siberian ibex, the Marco Polo sheep, Siberian roe deer. Other hunting interests could be included as part of the hunting experience, such as hunting for wild boars, wolves, foxes, snow pheasants, deers, pheasants, woodchucks and kekliks.

The accumulated experience in organizing hunting tours in Kyrgyzstan, tremendous skills of our hunter-guides and tour-guides, and the existence of a large population of Marco Polo sheep and Siberian ibex, allows hunters to obtain record trophies without difficulty. In 1991, the Marco Polo argali bagged the size of 61 inches (155 cm), also 67 inch (171 cm) was obtained in March 2001, and in 1993 bagged the size of Ibex 56-inch (142 cm), in 1997 - 58 inch (148 cm) and in 1998 a new world record - 60 inch (152 cm).

Agreeably, such a trophy will adorn a collection of any hunter. Hunters will not only be able to leave with a great trophy, but also get a lot of useful information about the culture and daily life of the Kyrgyz people and the nature of this mountainous region.
Welcome to AH...

When you have the time please post some recent pictures of trophies you have taken.
Welcome to AH!....and please post some pics!
Beautiful marco polo sheep with good base.

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Welcome, Kairat.
Just for entertainment please post some more details on this hunt.
Duration, whats included, etc.?
Looks like sheep hunting here. Steep mountains and cold snow.

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