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Or finally used a screw cuz the nail wouldn’t hold.
Probably true, if they can fit mounts to a bolt they would have come to that conclusion after the nail failed.
I want to see how the mounts are attached, that must have taken some work.
Brilliant! I bet the person who made that rifle drinks single malt scotch mixed with orange juice at lunch.
I’d also be willing to bet that gun has shot some road signs and maybe even a few telephone pole insulators
I doubt they are shooters or good hit the road sign from 50 yards

I want to know if it will hold zero, or if it could be zeroed. I am thinking that might be a prop from a bad movie.
It might have been for the Movie Dumb and Dumber, except they don’t have the engineering prowess to fit mounts to a bolt. That must take some doing.



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