PHASA Meeting in Las Vegas

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    Danene has attended the PHASA meeting in Las Vegas this year and was chosen as the new chair.

    Some significant issues that were discussed were the following:

    1) PH's hunting illegally in other countries. More specifically South African PH's. PHASA pointed out that for every illegal PH hunting illegally, there was an illegal outfitter in said country also operating illegally by allowing this PH to operate.

    2)The chairlady requested associations to counter this by forwarding all Association's Hunting Requirements in order for her to compile a guideline to be distributed to all Associations. This will allow all associations to be aware of the legal requirements of other countries that they may be hunting in.

    3)Suggested action by NAPHA members: Please advise your clientele to inform themselves with regards to whom they hunt with as their PH, and to also make sure that they are registered in that country and also on that concession or hunting farm. This should be a standard talk that you must have with all possible clients on the shows and via email. Also please report any suspicion of illegal hunting done by PH's from other countries as well as outfitters allowing this.

    4) Each country produced a summary of some of the most important dealings. Tanzania stressed their huge problem with poaching and with governmental issues. South Africa explained their support of in captive bred lion hunts and also informed us of their great success with their new PR division that is outsourced by them and urged all other countries to make use of them. Mozambique introduced their newly formed Hunting Association with a total of 25 members and growing stronger. Namibia could boast with in the strong support by MET in with regard to trophy hunting; discussed the black rhino auction and also their concerns about of poaching in the Caprivi region. Zimbabwe and Zambia requested advice from other countries as to how to handle illegal hunting. They also have ongoing concerns regarding government.

    5) Melissa Simpson gave feedback on President Obama's Executive Order, with the purpose of raising awareness of about the poaching crisis in Africa. They have started a survey in respect to the economical value of trophy hunting and have requested all associations to participate. She also informed us of the actions at SCIF regarding the possibility of the listing of the lion as endangered.

    Source: NAPHA EXCO Desk Newsletter

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