Nubian Ibex?

That drive up the mountains past the rusted burned out makeshift armored vehicles from '47 is what really caught my eye. Soldiers view things differently as well. :unsure:

I believe you on that. There is definitely some burned out armor in Israel.

We were at an outpost in the Golan Heights looking out over Syria, the UN corridor and Lebanon. Artists had used burned out armored vehicles to make some interesting metal animal artwork.
I envy you. In probably six trips there over 15 years, I never saw an Ibex.

Sometimes a person just gets lucky. I was fortunate. This was my second time to Israel. We saw the ibex at En Gedi.

The luckiest I ever got was on a cruise. One port of call was Belize. We rafted through a cave. As we were loading the bus to leave, a small jaguar, maybe 100 pounds crossed the road 30 yards from us. The guide said he sees a couple jaguar's a year. Normally while driving at night, but this was the first he had seen in this area, and hardly ever during daylight. Seeing the jaguar was the highlight of that cruise for me. Probably the only one I will ever see in the wild.
Some funny and strange comments about Nubian ibex in Sudan and Aoudad in Morocco.
1. Nubian ibex: after nearly 10 years break was starting HuntGeo with a local Sudanese guy again the legal hunt for Nubian ibex, Eritrea gazelle and Aoudad. The success for ibex was pretty good. Only the situation for aoudad is very bad. Gazelles hunt is mostly during night and not so interested for most of serious hunters. Last season was an army putsch and the situation was very dangerous. Also no legal permits for hunters available. Since HuntGeo have again open the hunt in Sudan trying few agents also to jump on this moving train without knowledge what is going on in Sudan. Yes hunting is again possible but there is a big problem to export trophies with correct documents. If someone want go and not want export the trophy it’s fine. If he want bring his trophy legal back home it will be in the moment a problem
2.Morocco: yes there is since 2021 possible to hunt legal Aoudad in the high atlas mountain! 10 permits are available and it is also possible to bring his own rifle to this hunt. Also here was HuntGeo the first with his partner Renauld who make it happen. Here is trophy export and export cites ok and without any problem possible
Hope this infos bring little be light in the darkness!
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