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    If you have been around AH for more than a few minutes you have run into me in some fashion.
    As I run into new or updated issues I share my discoveries with fellow hunters. Here is another.

    Searching for answers about transiting through Namibia into Botswana I found the following thread on AH.

    On my previous travel to Namibia I saw just how simple the Firearm application form was and how easy it was to process at the Windhoek Airport.
    Combined with this thread it all suggested I could relax.
    But, this trip was going through the country.

    Transiting Namibia has its bonuses: Easier flight, one less flight, easier firearms transit, Windhoek Lager, Easy forms, no over night, same driving distance, see the Kalahari up close and avoid Joburg baggage handlers and a more complicated transit permit.

    Not being dead certain of the current policy status I wanted to gain current confirmation of the process.

    I contacted some of my contacts in Namibia. Past Presidents of NAPHA and NAPHA themselves. Always like to get the story from multiple sources.
    with the question:
    Dear Sir:

    I am writing to gain clarification about import permits for firearms.

    I will describe the scenario here.

    Instead of transiting through South Africa I have some friends that will be arriving in Windhoek to drive across to Botswana where they will be hunting.

    I would appreciate your assistance in helping me to determine what will be required to transit Namibia with their firearms.

    Will an invitation letter from the Outfitter in Botswana suffice?

    The initial response I got on the subject was a reiteration of the conclusions in the thread. Ok.

    I am thankful for the effort expended by Rainer on the followup. I just got another email as he had gone into Windhoek and asked a gun dealer about the subject. The gun dealer was under the impression the Namibian Police would require a local (Namibian) invitation letter and also the hunting license may be required.

    I was now quite concerned.

    I then asked Jerome for assistance and he contacted NAPHA, as they had not gotten back to me directly yet, and he spoke with the CEO and provided the probable solution that the folks transiting with firearms would need an Invitation letter from a Namibian Outfitter.

    Ok, I have now heard it enough times to believe it. The hunters will need a local invitation letter.

    Why the change: Apparently folks have been taking advantage of the easy process and abusing the privilege. So the Namibian Police have reacted.

    NAPHA and MET need to get the Legislature to catch up here in a hurry.

    They really should get a transit permit under the law if they are going to have an issue.
    RSA thinks of itself as a hub and is and the law reflects it.

    If this route works for me as a hunter and more people can avoid Joburg baggage handlers, the more traffic could come through Windhoek which would only help Namibian Hunting and the economy.

    More butts in seats more services to be offered.

    Maybe one day Air Namibia could actually offer some direct flights from the USA.
    Imagine what that might do for hunting in Namibia. 2 extra days to hunt, no over nights, more money spent in Namibia!!!

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