Namibia Possibly Closing Leopard & Cheetah Through 2010

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    Namibia Considering Closing Leopard & Cheetah Through 2010

    Namibia Considering Closing Leopard & Cheetah Through 2010

    Namibian Trophy Hunting Industry Decides on Drastic Measures to Ensure Fair Chase, Ethical Hunting

    Here below is a statement, which was forwarded to the Honourable Minister of MET (Ministry of Environment & Tourism) by NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunting Association) for their urgent attention.

    The Executive Committee of the Namibian Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) called an urgent Special General Meeting of members on the 31st July in order to discuss the challenges currently facing Leopard and Cheetah hunting in Namibia.

    The Ministry of Environment and Tourism issued a moratorium for Cheetah Trophy Hunting Permits and Leopard Trophy Hunting Permits for 2009, on the 24th April and 15th June ‘09 respectively. Reasoning for the moratoria on issuing trophy permits for these two species was that the CITES export quota had been exhausted. This Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s decision was supported by the Association and the members, although a few Hunting Professionals were forced to inform hunting clients of the development at short notice.

    As increasing reports of alleged unscrupulous, unethical and illegal hunting practices, often involving unregistered and unqualified persons (often foreigners) posing as hunting professionals had reached NAPHA, the Executive Committee was of the opinion that urgent action was required in order to secure the future of the Namibian trophy hunting industry as well as the reputation of Namibia as a destination for fair chase and ethical trophy hunting.

    Lively discussion and debates on the status quo and the future of Leopard and Cheetah hunting, as well as the hunting of Leopard with hounds, took place at the meeting which lasted for 6 hours. The following motions, which will determine the immediate as well as long-term future of trophy hunting in Namibia, were passed by an overwhelming majority:

    The NAPHA Executive Committee is instructed to request the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism to:

    1. Temporarily suspend Leopard hunting with hounds with immediate effect;

    2. Not to issue Leopard Trophy Hunting Permits for 2010 in order to use the year to put effective Leopard trophy hunting control mechanisms in place;

    3. Not to issue Cheetah Trophy Hunting Permits for 2010 in order to use the year to put effective Cheetah trophy hunting control mechanism in place.

    A Predator Hunting Committee was elected to work on the drawing-up and implementation of effective hunting control mechanisms. Committee members are: Karl Stumpfe, Danie van Ellewee, Zane Cooper, Andre’ Swanepoel and Johan Kotze. Members of the NAPHA Executive will also serve on the committee.

    The Namibian Professional Hunting Association advises all trophy hunters arriving in Namibia that it is essential to make sure that their Outfitter, Hunting Guide or PH is in possession of an original Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism Trophy Hunting Permit which specifies the following:

    1. Name of client;

    2. Name of Hunting Guide or PH who will personally guide the client throughout the hunt;

    3. Valid date;

    4. Huntable species.

    It is important to be in possession of this document before commencing the hunt, as failure to do so may result in criminal prosecution and the confiscation of hunting trophies by the authorities.

    Almut Kronsbein
    CEO of NAPHA

    'Our intent is to ensure and promote ethical conduct, sustainable utilization of natural resources, and to secure the industry for current and future generations.' Excerpt from the NAPHA mission Statement.
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    It's sad to see the closing of these seasons, but maybe it's in the best interest of hunting! With the quota's being filled that quickly means one of a few things. Either there are more cats than the Game officials think there is, more pressure is being put on these animals due to higher demands, or unethical & illegal practices may be more prevalent! It's possible with the use of hounds maybe the success rate is higher than they want. (I have no opinion either way on the use of hounds!)
    Any way I think it shows that the Game Commission is quite concerned about their animals & by shutting things down for a year & getting there ducks in a row will be the best for the big cats of Namibia in the long run! If the problem isn't fixed soon, there may be a long term end to Cat hunting as we know it! Something no hunter wanys to see!

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