Namibia, Big Cat Was A Problem For Some

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    Namibia, Big Cat Was A Problem For Some
    by Absalom Shigwedha

    WHAT was probably the largest leopard in Namibia (see picture below) was shot because it was a 'problem animal', the professional hunter who led the hunt of the big cat said yesterday.

    The 82 kilogram leopard was shot in the Khomas Hochland last month, and a photo of its lifeless body in an Afrikaans newspaper has sparked outrage.

    The leopard, which was about 10 years old and 2,2 meters long, was ranked the eighth largest trophy of its species by Safari Club International, an international body of trophy hunters.

    "It was a problem animal. That's why we killed it," Gerard Erasmus of the game farm Sumsare Safaris claimed to The Namibian.

    According to him, the leopard had killed over 50 calves in the area and was shot on the farm Gurub in the Khomas Hochland by an American hunter, Brad Smith.

    Erasmus refused to disclose how much the American paid to kill the leopard.

    Readers of The Namibian expressed their disgust at the killing of such a magnificent animal in SMS messages sent to the newspaper.

    "What a sad photo of the biggest leopard in Namibia that has been killed by an American hunter.

    Any person supporting this kind of 'pleasure' is not devoted to and proud of this country," reads one of the text messages.

    "Only a depraved, sick man (women are rarely hunters) would find pleasure in murdering such a great cat," said another.

    The Director for Parks and Wildlife Management in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ben Beytell, said the American hunter had a permit to kill the leopard.

    "He (Smith) had everything in order," said Beytell, adding that Smith was accompanied by a professional hunter, which is one of the Ministry's requirements.

    He said Namibia had a quota from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) to allow trophy hunters to shoot 150 endangered animals a year, including leopards.

    Source: The Namibian

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    ... That is one heck of a Leopard!! That thing is huge!! It's obvious by your artical that there are plenty of Anti's over in Namibia also whom responed to the picture! I would think the natives & ranchers are glad that the big cat was harvested!!
    ... The sad thing is the response you always recieve when the hunter did everything right - have proper permits etc. - there shouldn't be all this negatives stuff!!

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    I strongly doubt that all of the negative texts came from native Namibians. Namibia is one of the most hunter friendly countries in SA and has definitely found a way to profit from it.

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    I never heard of a Namibian being anti-hunting... I lived there for 3 years... probably ex-pats.

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