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Apr 4, 2022
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Country: Namibia

Dates: May 1st – 6th 2024
Animals Hunted: Gemsbok/Oryx, Black Wildebeest, Springbok, Duiker, Steenbok, Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest and Jackal
Method of Hunting: Rifle (Rented PH's 300 Win Mag)
Outfitter: @Kowas Adventure Safaris Adventure Safaris


PH: Jacques Strauss
Would Recommend to a Friend? YES!

This PG hunt was a side trip to a business trip in Angola. Two of us hunted for four 4 days with Kowas Adventures Safaris. It is a small family run outfit (Strauss family) on a huge chunk of land that they own, along with access to some neighboring properties as well. Jacques was our PH along with his wife, mother and father (along with Jacques’ three year old son who was a joy) all playing a key part of the team. You will feel like a member of the family by the time you leave! I cannot recommend them enough, a top notch outfit on all counts.

Since this was a side trip to business we were traveling very light, carry on luggage only for both business and hunting attire. Laundry was done daily and we had arranged with Jacques to just go on the day rate and rent a rifle, borrow binos, etc. All of that worked out just fine. Shot Hornady 200 grain ELD-X.

One day we did hunt straight through with lunch in the field but otherwise our typical day was coffee and rolling by 630AM. Then back at the lodge for lunch between 12-1 depending on how the morning hunt went. Nap after lunch and then rolling again by 330pm or so. Back at camp after the sun goes down (7pm-ish), greetings from the staff with a cold washcloth to wipe your face when you exit the truck (nice touch), drinks and gather around the fire until dinnertime. More drinks after dinner. Typical conversation at end of day that is found in hunting camps (which is some of the best part) - hunting stories from that day, some ballistic commentary, international geopolitical / history commentary and occasional family discussion. Then shower at night and repeat the next day. All that makes for a full day.

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Over the course of the four days we were very fortunate in our hunting. I must say too that we were not just blasting away at whatever we saw; and only duikers, steenboks and jackals were shot off the truck (they move too fast). Everything else was stalked on foot with our share of blown stalks, etc... We still managed to shoot 17 animals in those four days.

These stalks ensured you earned these animals. My buddy had a lengthy stalk for his Hartebeest right at mid day when it was scorching. One morning Jacques and I walked approximately 1000 yards to get to a herd of Oryx only to find out they had moved off. We then walked another 800 yards to get to them and we were successful. The very cat and mouse type stalk for my Waterbuck one afternoon was very memorable. Very skittish animals and the brush was thick in many parts so you had to get in close without getting winded, seen or heard.

My personal favorite was when my buddy and I along with Jacques stalked a herd of Common Springbok. We had told Jacques that we both would like a Common Springbok and if an opportunity presented itself we would also be happy to hunt the Copper and/or Black Springbok that he has on his place. Well, Jacques lined my buddy up on a Springbok and told him to stay ready as we all waited in the shade of a bush. As soon as a certain one cleared the Blue Wildebeest they were intermingled with, he would let him know when to shoot. Jacques told me to be ready to get on the gun after my buddy shot as the Springbok would likely stay in the area.

Sure enough, my buddy shot his and Jacques yelled at me to get on the gun. The herd had run slightly towards us actually and I lined up on one that was facing us. I shot mine, saw him fall but probably not die immediately and then the herd ran right for us breaking to the right only about ten yards in front of us. Then Jacques starts yelling at me again to swing around almost180 degrees to where the herd was now about 150+ yards away. I was confused as the one I shot was no longer with the herd and was laying somewhere out in front of our original position. He then told me, “No, look, there are two Copper Springbok at the end of the herd. DO NOT shoot the small one, shoot the bigger one.” My mind was processing, ah ok, he means for me to get that Copper Springbok right now, in the same damn stalk! As the bigger one presented himself in a very narrow window through the brush I shot him. Three Springbok down in about 90 seconds. I asked Jacques if he had ever gotten that many in one stalk, “Never” was his answer. We all had a great laugh how this one played out.

In the end, my buddy and I together harvested:
3 Oryx
3 Duiker
2 Black Wildebeest
2 Steenbok
2 Jackals
2 Common Springbok
1 Copper Springbok
1 Waterbuck
1 Hartebeest






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Also, let me say I have never had an animal measured for SCI standards or anything else. To me they are just great memories on the wall because they are mine (or some other member of my family). For the folks that do measure, I think it’s great, just not something I have gotten into. That said. a note about the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) medal system which takes into account the age of the animal, as well as size. This is known as “ART” or Age Related Trophy Measurement System (ART) and is the recording standard for NAPHA. Medals are awarded in Conservation, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Game Fields, with the latter being higher than Gold, with recognition of a past prime status of the animal. Essentially, your PH can submit the measurements (and I believe may have to show pics and/or actual animal parts in some cases) and if your animal qualifies you can go home with a paper certification and a medal from NAPHA. You pay a nominal cost for the certificate and medal with the proceeds going to NAPHA. Quite a great way to get an awesome, personalized souvenir. Kowas animals are outstanding which is why I went home with one sliver medal, five Gold medals and two Game Field medals (for the Wildebeest and the Steenbok). My buddy’s animals placed similarly and Jacques told us his duiker was truly remarkable, possibly in the top ten of Namibia and if not, definitely the top twenty.

If anyone was thinking about Namibia as a possibility for hunting, I highly recommend the country (weather, people, food, logistics of getting around, safety, etc… all great) and specifically Kowas, with no reservations Happy to answer any questions.



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Heck of a trip for being a quick one! I would like to hunt with Kowas someday. Listed to Jacques on a few podcasts, seems like a great outfit.
Congrats on a great hunt. Sounds like you made the most out of a short hunt opportunity. Some nice looking trophies. Thanks for sharing.
Yes, quite a whirlwind trip overall but we made use of every minute!
sounds like a very fruitful few days. congrats on some great trophies and thanks for sharing!

Great report, thank for posting and congrats!

Just out of curiosity, did you investigate possibilities of hunting in Angola?

We wait for Angola to open hunting, and there have been some announcements, but nothing came out yet.

Great report, thank for posting and congrats!

Just out of curiosity, did you investigate possibilities of hunting in Angola?

We wait for Angola to open hunting, and there have been some announcements, but nothing came out yet.
I did look into this but not with an outfitter. A colleague from work has a
"place in the country" about 2 hours from Luanda. He is presently clearing some of the acreage with a bulldozer, putting in some basic infrastructure, etc.. akin to what people do here in the states.

He showed me a picture of a "deer" type animal that is in the bush there, I had never seen this animal, ever. Antlers/Horns, skin akin to a whitetail, size too. This place is also on a major river so there are crocs too. He has a bolt action rifle. It would be a stretch for me to take him up on his invite during future trips but I have defintitely been thinking about it. Just a picture memory of an animal hunted in Angola would be worth the effort imo.
Outstanding four days! Congratulations.

Can't go wrong with Jacques. I hunted with him in '22 and am booked to do so again in '26.
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What other animals did you see while you were there? I am specifically looking at kudu and Hartmans zebra. Iowa’s is on my short list but I am still making comparisons-
They had some big Kudu and Hartmans and Burchells Zebra, saw all three of these. They are very well known for their Kudu. Besides what we hunted we also saw Eland, Giraffe, Blue Wildebeest, Blesbuck, Nyala, Sable and warthog. I just looked at their website now and we saw every animal listed on it except Roan (unless I forget which is possible). They also had Lechwe and Black and Copper Springbok which are not listed on the site. Also, I only went on like 10% of their land, the place is massive.

I highly recommend Kowas, I would go with them. Not sure who else you are looking at and there are certainly multiple great outfitters in Namibia but you cannot go wrong with them. You will get a very personalized, family approach and challenging hunting. Happy to get into more details on this if you want but you get my point! Cheers
You just didn’t mention them was all and hunters perspective is important beyond what the website shows. I keep a list of options for Namibia for future reference and they are in the top three. I have questions written about damara dik dik, Klippspringer and birds. I’ll email them when it gets closer but I’ve got something else planned for next year. Options, got to keep my options open-
Glad you had a great hunt. The Strausses are good people and run a class operation.
Heck of a trip. Your Tiny's are really good. Hopefully you can go back to Namibia on a future business trip and add a Dik-Dik if you don't already have one.

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