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Monster Warthog


He was born as the uncommon offspring of a 100lb tusked bull elephant and a thick tusked warthog female. He grew up on the tough streets of Joberg. After primary school it became apparent that he was "gifted" anatomically and several of the local sows were fighting for his attention. This attention grew so that he was eventually recruited to the hills outside of Los Angeles where he became a star of "adult swine films" After successfully releasing such hits as "pork slamming" and "just rootin' around" he had a very close call with swine venereal disease. He decided to hang up his "acting" skills and move home.

Soon after his arrival home, he became the proud father of a litter of piglets, each as endowed as their father. For the next several years he fathered numerous offspring and lived the easy life.

After a long and adventuresome life, he died trying to sneak under a fence into a neighboring grain farm. His massive tusks, the items that made him a star, got caught up in the fencing and he passed away with no fanfare. Long live "Hard Tusk Harry" and may his memory live on for generations.

OK, I have no idea where he came from.... I just got sent this by a PH friend of mine. ;) If anyone really knows I would love to hear it.
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Leopard Legend....................Hi John.............I see that you have not visited AH in awhile. Hope all is well. I am looking for a hunt in Namibia..............would like to ask a few questions about your hunt.............all the best..............................Bill
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Hi Bob, how's things going in Wyong?. Down your way a couple of years back but haven't been in NSW since Ebor for the fishing. just getting over some nasty storms up here in Qld, seeing the sun for the first time in a few days. I'm going to NZ in the spring and hope to clean up a few buns while there and perhaps shake the spiders out of my old .303LE (currently owned by my BIL). Cheers Brian
A couple pictures of the sable i chased for miles in Mozambique, Coutada 9!! We finally caught up to him and I had the trophy of a lifetime. Mokore Safaris, Doug Duckworth PH
sable Coutada 9.JPG
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Did you purchase your hunt at a US SCI fundraiser?
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Heard you may have load data for the 500 Jeffery,.....any info would be appreciated. Was thinking 535gr, but already had a response that the 570gr would be a better way to go, not sure why.