Model 70 in 375 scope

Three 375 Rugers.
From the top:
20” with 1.1-4x24mm Kahles
23.5” with 1.5-8x42mm Schmidt & Bender
20” with Trijicon Credo HX 1-6x24

All first focal plane scopes. All work for me. The 1.5-8x42mm is definitely purpose for lower light shooting. It has a field of view wider than most lower powered 1” straight tubes. So it works close and as far as I need.

The Trijicon is just temporarily mounted. It is going on a 308 Winchester. This seems to be a good scope also. I am not sure what will be the scope for this rifle. Maybe a 1.5-6x42mm Kahles Helia C that I had on a 416 Ruger.

As stated prior my 375 H&Hs and equal length actions all have straight tubes. With the exception of a M70 300 WBY which has a Kahles Helia C 2.5-10x50mm.

Hi Id, as you know I have/had a 1-6.3x25 on the Ruger No1 I have just sold to my buddy, excellent set up.View attachment 425529
Please may I seek your expertise upon another choice to be made? I had a Swarovski Z5, the one with the coloured turrets and the paralax adjustment on the left on my FX air rifle where the trajectory meant I used parallax and elevation frequently for varying shots out to 100m or so. Then my son-in-law acquired it to put on his 30-06 and my feeling is that the paralax is a bit wasted on that. So what i had im mind was to get him a Z3 4-12x50 for the 30-06 and get the Z5 back on the FX. My question is whether this all makes sense? He shoots 100 to about 400 metres.
Kevin, yep definitely recall your #1 set up. I liked !
I don’t have any real expertise, only my limited personal experiences.

Kevin, I have used 30mm tubes for so long that I am totally out of touch with 1” tube offerings. And of course, for all of us, our desires from a scope can differ.
I don’t know anything really about air guns, other than I want a moderately decent small caliber one. But, if that Z5 was working for you, I would certainly try and get it back.

I am not a 400 meter shooter, but I feel the Swarovski Z6 1.7-10x42mm would be sufficient as to power unless shooting very small critters.
I consider the Z6 1.7-10x42mm, non-illuminated, with the 2nd generation Plex reticle an all-around scope. It has a wide field of view and 10x is all the power that I need. It is basically my default scope choice for near and/or far. Plus in today’s inflated pricing it still seems a decent value. But, I am not a turret twister. But, I consider this scope a suitable comprise for any cartridge that I have through the 416’s. Definitely my default choice for standard 270, 30-06 types and the 300, 338 Winchester types.

As to 1” scopes, I have ordered a couple of Tract Optics, 2-10x42mm scopes. I am going to put them on 223 bolt action rifles. Some people rate these highly. I don’t have an opinion yet. They should arrive within 3 days. I was considering trying the Leupold HD-5, 2-10x42mm. Based on the 1-5x24mm HD-5 that I have the glass in the HD-5 and 6 are pretty dang good.

My most recent 30-06, a Ruger guide rifle with the brake machined off, is not scoped yet. It will probably get a 1.5-6x42mm or a straight tube of some sort. Some people like more X’s. If I were going to 400 meters with it, I would put a 10x on it.
Did you use different ammunition for the two scopes or the same? I was considering a 300 gr Accubond for my 4.5-14 and a 300 grain soft point and solid combination for the 2.5x.

Remember that the human eye sees a maximum 7mm exit pupil so divide the objective by 7 and that is the highest magnification that you can use in the dark without sacrificing light transmission. 50÷7=7.14x
It all depends on what you're trying to do. See detail or get a quick sight picture...
I use the same 300grain Swift Aframes. But you definitely could go with a lighter bullet and faster load to extend it with the larger scope and I’ve considered it for sure.
It's doable but takes some "imagination" with certain mounts/bases. Here's a Leup VX3 2.5-8 x 36 on my Winchester M70 Super Express 375 HH. I was able to mix and match for a dual dovetail set up.

View attachment 425146
This is exactly the kind of set-up i am after for my 375 Alaskan. You wouldn't happen to know the mount/rings model numbers would you. I have to rely on on-line purchases for anything the least bit uncommon.
I'm partial to the Z6 1-6, and I've got a Leupold 1.5-5 all with QD mounts for a backup.
I have a Leupold 2-7x for my .375 H&H. Seems logical, given the characteristics and performance of the cartridge.
You guys have really got my wheels turning, going to go handle some of these in the next couple of weeks and make a decision before rifle season gets here.
I highly recommend the leupy vx5hd 2-10 with QD mounts. I grew up with 3-9s and the transition was easy (other than the price)

I'm with Papabear55 on this one. I scoped my recent Whitworth 375 H&H acquisition with a VX5HD 2-10 Firedot Duplex in QR rings and mounts. Couldn't be happier.

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