Is It Big Enough?

Would never be the same class as an Aframe....nevermind better....


Two totally different designs, for two totally different purposes..

The scirrocco is designed for accuracy and long(er) range shooting... (per the Swift website)

The A-Frame is designed for extreme weight retention and deep penetration.. (per the Swift website)

Both are excellent bullets.. but built for very different types of hunting/shooting situations..
The Scirroco is a bonded/premium bullet and will give the same performance as a partition, a frame etc. or maybe better and will penetrate deep. Go for it in the 30-06.
Yes, it is a good bullet by my experience. The only witness and experience I have with the Scirocco is on 900-1000 lb elk. That bullet in 180 gr 30 cal will do fine on nilgai and similar-sized game.

Swift, in the Scirocco design, avoided a huge design flaw by some manufacturers from the beginning. Some manufacturers were too eager to enter the bonded bullet game and "get in on the marketing hype and action". The Remington Ultra Bonded was one of the worst!
Remington simply bonded a soft lead core to a very thin jacket which proved little better than one of their early, cheap, frangible cup and core, soft point bullets. Swift purposefully designed the Scirocco with a much, much! thicker jacket thus solving that shortcoming before even marketing the Scirocco. Shoot a 600 lb nilgai in the right place with a 180 gr 30 cal Scirocco, as with any big game animal and no issue. Get sloppy and all bets are off, as with any big game animal.

Study the cross sections of various bullets to better understand the hows and whys. The internet is a great research tool if used properly :) Scirocco on left and A-Frame on right. Note the thick, tapered jacket on the Scirocco and the solid supporting base.
Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 12.05.53 PM.png

The next heading or thread of course will be all about how good a 6.5 (whatever) is for 1800 lb eland :):)
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Would never be the same class as an Aframe....nevermind better....

Not on a buffalo but on average size deer and antelope species it's as good as any other bullet.
Sounds like you have a plan. Enjoy the hunt should be a fun time.
I am primarily a bowhunter but, I am considering a nilgai hunt in South Texas with a rifle. Most outfitters require a .300 magnum. I don't own a .300 magnum and not going to buy one. I have found an outfitter who will accept a hunter with a 30.06. Will be hunting over food plots. Shot distance should be around 100-150 yds.

The big question- Will a 30.06, shooting a 180 gr. Scirocco II bullet get the job done?

Thanks for your feedback and input.
The short answer is no. The Scirocco is a bullet made to expand greatly For thin skinned game. You can use a .30-06 but need to go with A Frame, Accubond, or Barnes.
Don’t know where you are hunting, but if it’s south Texas, the key to success is to get the animal down fast. That’s shot placement. Tracking in thick south Texas brush is a PIA and hard.
UPS delivered my Swift A-Frame ammo today! Onward toward sighting rifle scope with the ammo.

Thank everyone for your input on the ammo/bullet I needed.

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