Impala Bullets Unbelievable but 100% True and Correct!

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    Dear fellow hunters.

    I arrive RSA on the 10th of May, just to visit a good friend before I left for 18 days hunting in Mozambique. When I arrived Tzaneen at afternoon, I was immediately served a G&T plus some nice biltong. On the table was also a nice broschyr from a bullet manufacturer with name IMPALA BULLETS. After reading for a few minutes i asked my friend if this really was true and could it really work ? My answer back was: Why don't you try yourself, I have both 13 grams and 17,5 grams to yours H375 ! I brought this ammo to Mozambique, shot 5 hippos, 5 crocs, a lot of baboons, some few klipspringers and duikers, used same ammo for all animals ! result was perfect. Head shot on Hippo, even got a chance for lung-shot at night on hippo, and hippo walked less 15 meters before it fell ! Also have to mention that there are minimal meat damages. No more problems with what kind of ammo ! One bullet for ALL, from grouse to buff!

    Impala Bullets, The Ultimate in Lightweight Solids

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